Relatives on the Move


Only two months ago, our relatives, specifically my two sister-in-laws, made the very big and finite decision to move.

“They’re going where?” I asked my husband in shock.

“They want to move to Florida.”

“But why?” I asked with curiosity.

“Because Michelle thinks the warmer weather will be better for her back. You know, she can go swimming all year round, and the doctor says aqua therapy would be good for her.”

“But what about your younger sister?”

“Melissa says it would be easier for her and Moses to find full-time jobs down there.”

The news came abruptly, and it really didn’t give me a chance to ponder the reality of it. We were so used to them living only ten minutes away from our house. We visited frequently, especially my husband, and we had lots of fun times together with both of them and their children.

Perhaps the most difficult part of the move would be missing our nieces and nephew—Kaleigh, Sarah, and Gabe. Even before we were married, my husband and I took Kaleigh and Gabe out to eat, to the movies, roller skating, snow tubing, hiking, and to see fireworks. One year, we even took Kaleigh to Wildwood, New Jersey, so she could experience the beach, the boardwalk, and all the fun rides and game booths. For the longest time, we considered them to be our surrogate children. We thought these little day trips and adventures with them would last forever, and now that Lil’ Lewie was getting older, he was enjoying their company too!

Sarah had another special place in our hearts. Being only four, she was the youngest of the niece and nephew clan. We didn’t have a chance to take her to all of the same places we went to with Kaleigh and Gabe, but Sarah and Lil’ Lewie in the past year had become the best of friends. While I went to work every Tuesday, Lil’ Lewie went over to the house and had a chance to play, dance, and runaround with Sarah. She affectionately took on the role of an older sibling and was eager to entertain Lil’ Lewie all day. He, playing the role of a younger sibling, enjoyed the entertainment and admiringly watched and mimicked her every move. Watching the two of them giggle and interact with each other is a fun diversion in itself. They are adorable together.

Now that the time is near (everyone will have left by this Friday), I’m slowly adjusting to the situation. Of course, we’ll be making frequent trips to Florida each year, and with them living only an hour from Disney World, we’ll have to make some visits to the Magic Kingdom for sure. I do understand the reason for the move. Life in Connecticut is expensive. In just our town alone, a house assessed at $300,000 will have to pay $10,000 per year in taxes. (Thankfully, our house isn’t assessed for that much, but we still have to pay approximately $7,000 per year.) On top of that, we have a car tax, boat tax, and a 6% sales tax. We have a lot of wealthy cities and towns in the state, which also drive up the cost of gas, food, and entertainment. My father, who moved to Georgia during his later years in life, often said he would move back to Connecticut if the cost of living wasn’t so ridiculous.

It’s funny how life always surprises us. What will be our future? To be honest, I can’t think that far ahead. For now, we are able to make ends meet up here, so there’s no reason for moving. My mother lives right next door to us, and Ninny and Papa (Lew’s parents) still live locally too. (Although they may move within the year.) I feel sad that Lil’ Lewie won’t have the daily or weekly interaction he once had with his cousins, but we’ll find a way to make sure they cherish the memories, create new ones, and stay close in mind and heart.

These beach photographs of Lil' Lewie, Gabe, Kaleigh, and Sarah were taken professionally this year by Fairy Tale Photography in Waterbury, CT. We made sure to take some pictures of all four cousins before the move to keep those memories alive!


  1. Ah, I'm so sorry to hear that everyone is moving! LJ is grandchild #5 on BSB's side, but the other four live in Montana. We are really close with two of his other siblings, but one lives in Utah and is moving to Georgia, and the other lives near us in LA, but is moving up the coast to Central CA.

    We love that LJ gets to spend time with his Aunt and Uncle who are here, we see them almost every week! And though Utah is far, we still see my sis and bro-in-law a few times a year. With them going to Georgia (and pregnant with grandchild #6 none the less), it's going to be tough.

    On the bright side, at least Lil' Lewie will get to have a great relationship with his grandparents!

  2. Thanks for your reply Nina. It sounds like family is important to you as well and that LJ gets an opportunity to spend time with his aunts and uncles, both in California and Utah. Wow, going to Georgia from Utah is quite a move and probably a six hour trip or so for you in California. It may not be as easy to visit them, but thank goodness for technology like Skype. I know we'll be relying on it!


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