Monday's Mommy Moment: My Secret Stash


Me: "What is Lil' Lewie eating?"

Husband: "I think it's a strawberry breakfast bar. Why?"

Me: "Did you give it to him?"

Husband: "No, I thought you did."

Me: "No."

I examined the food in his little hands and confirmed it was, in fact, a breakfast bar. How did he get one? I wondered, scratching my head. The last time I gave him one was for breakfast. I watched him as he ate more and then very descretely placed the rest back in between his books.

Me: "Why I can't believe it! Our little boy has a secret stash!"

I looked in between the books and then noticed that his sippy cup of milk was there too. I giggled. I guess sometimes we all need a secret place to enjoy.


  1. Not long ago, I found my daughter's secret stash of candy!

  2. That is so cute!
    Thanks for stopping by Friendly Friday. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back with you. We've been busy with relatives. I'm following you now on Google Friend Connect and hope to see you at Friendly Friday again this week. :)

  3. That is very cute. And I think that's kind of a sign of higher thinking too! Interestingly enough, I don't think I've ever found any food stashes for my kiddos, but my five year old has long been guilty of hiding books to peruse... I don't mind this habit! Usually when I find my kids eating random food it winds up being something that was dropped on the floor and I missed cleaning up. *blush*

  4. Adorable!! Our younger son will come up to us eating things sometimes and we just have to pray it's nothing too bad! :)

    Following you back from Friendly Friday - thanks SO much for being a part of it!

  5. aww that is so sweet. My little girl has been known to hide food behind couch cushions. I often find crumbs, brown apple slices or a half eaten cookie lol


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