Monday's Mommy Moment: Clay Time


I actually haven't introduced my little boy to play dough or clay just yet...mostly because I was worried that I'd spend more time scolding him not to eat it instead of just playing with it.  Still, a few weeks ago, Little Lewie's daycare sent a notice home to everyone to let us know that our toddlers would be playing with clay on Wednesday and that all parents were invited to come and make creations with their tots too!

Needless to say, both my husband and I were excited, and we both changed our work schedules, so that we could make our own projects help Lil' Lewie with his project too.

When the day finally arrived, we learned that we would be working in the special art studio.  Under normal circumstances, this would be great, but for us, it wasn't.  See, the art studio is located right next door to the elevator.  And since Lil' Lewie prefers the elevator to anything, playtime, even food...we could not peel him away from it.  At one point, I literally dragged my little boy into the art studio, but he wouldn't stop kicking and screaming.

"What are we going to do?"  I asked my husband, both flustered and embarrassed at the same time.

"Well we can't force him to play.  I guess we just need to leave."  My husband was equally disappointed that we wouldn't have "clay time" as a family.

I tried to put a little ball of clay into my son's hand, but he wouldn't take it.  To him, clay was not nearly as exhilarating as being able to press a button, watch it light up, and then have a magic set of doors open for him to step inside.

Fortunately, the women at the daycare were willing to give us some clay to take home. In fact, they would still put it in the kiln for us if we sent his project back within a few days. Since that was the case, this weekend we decided to have a little "clay time." It lasted long enough to get a few photos; however, with Lil' Lewie's continued aversion to getting his hands dirty, it wasn't his favorite activity. I guess we'll have to try it again when he gets a little older...

"I guess this is unique."

"I'll smile for you Mom, if you promise to take me down now."

"See Mommy's, I mean, MY creation."


  1. Once Little Lewie gets the hand of squishing and mashing and pounding and molding, he'll more than likely not want to put away the clay! Two-year olds are really funny about not getting their hands dirty. I've never understood it myself. You may try giving him some colorful playdough in a ziploc baggie. (I think Cassiopeia posted a recipe for homemade playdough a while back.)He can witness the blending of colors and not get his hands dirty at the same time. He may even get curious enough to want to touch the "real deal." Just a thought. Have a great week and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday if I don't make it back by before Thursday.

  2. Oh just you wait, pretty soon he won't care about getting his hands dirty...and then the fun begins!!

    Love his creation :)

  3. I love Eastlyn's idea of putting it into the bag - genius!! Georgia hated clay, but loved play-doh because it didn't make a mess on your hands like clay does. Maybe that would work out better for him? Either way, I loved this post, especially the part about the elevator. Georgia can be like that too, it can be so frustrating sometimes!

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  5. Hahaha! I'm sorry about the elevator experience. How annoying is it when they insist on doing something that (to us) is so mundane while missing out on something new and fun?! Nate does that all the time. And I think I've already told you this, but Nate and his cousin also don't enjoy getting their hands dirty. What is up with these boys? Although he does love playing with his food. Fabulous exception to his rule :)

  6. cute pics...looks like fun! I've never really done that with my boys, guess I should try it :)

  7. He sounds like KLV when she doesn't want to do something, that is that. It kills be but she's always been on the feisty side. Hope your having a great week!

  8. Awww this was so cute. I never got to experience the clean stage with Jason. I wish I had. My kids love love clay and playdo.

  9. Too cute! I love how he doesn't like to get dirty! Enjoy that while it lasts LOL! My oldest was like that too and now he could care less, although once he is done, he is done and immediately wants to be cleaned up LOL! My youngest is just messy, he could care less if he was filthy all day LOL! I am glad your little man gave it a try, even if it wasn't his favorite!

    I hope you and the family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  10. That is too funny, Scotty wasn't a big fan of playdoh at first either. Now he loves it, but I hate taking it out because he ALWAYS gets it in the carpet!

  11. So funny! It's always interesting to see what kids like to do. That messy hand thing of Lewie's cracks me up. I'm sure he'll outgrow it eventually and be out there paying around in big mud piles!


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