Spending Time with Little Guy


Okay, I've put yesterday up on a pedestal for quite some time now.  In fact, I've been fantasizing about the day since last semester...

Last semester I found myself getting into the "we need more money" rut.  Our bills were tight, and we had a couple of large (both planned and unplanned) expenses over the summer that sunk us financially.  Taking on additional work seemed to be the answer, but suddenly the few extra hours turned sadly into a few extra days per week.  In the end, I would have my weekends with Little Lewie and Thursdays with him, but even on those days, I had to make time for correcting papers, which meant my husband or my mom would have to take over. 

Yesterday was just a plain, ordinary Tuesday (not a holiday or a vacation day), but it was MY Tuesday.  It was my first Tuesday since last semester (17 weeks ago) that I could finally be at home with my little guy again...just me and him and no one else.  This semester I accepted a new position, which will allow me to be home with my little one on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and the weekends again.  (Yes, I will still have to work a little from home and answer emails on those days, but still, it will be such an improvement from last semester.) 

Yesterday was really the start of this new schedule, and I just couldn't be more thrilled.  Being able to watch my little one learn and grow is when I'm at my happiest, and yesterday, I was one happy mama.  Now...if I could just fast forward over this day to Thursday when I'm at home with him again...

Yesterday, I even enjoyed watching my little guy sleep!


  1. I'm so excited for you and Lewie to get to be home together 2 days a week! He probably loved having you home to spend time with him, playing and hanging out. Will this be your new permanent schedule, or just for this semester?

  2. Oh GREAT news that you two will be hanging out a lot again! Yay!!! You two will cuddle the day away, I'm sure!!

  3. How wonderful! Days like that are so special, and I am sure it was so special for him too! Happy New Year!

  4. Oh, I am so glad your new job allows you to spend more time at home with Lewie. YAY!!! Enjoy him - especially those sleeping moments :) How's the new job going?

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  6. Yay!! There's nothing like just being with them. Even when they are sleeping! And I know you've been looking forward to that day.

    Enjoy your time!

  7. That's so great! Enjoy your time with him!

  8. Congrats on your new schedule! I am JEALOUS!!! ;-)

  9. Congratulations Annette! How wonderful for you and your little guy. Enjoy your adorable boy:)

  10. Yay! I absolutely love being home with Scotty...even on the days he's being a pill and I want to tear my hair out, I can't imagine NOT being with him! Congrats and enjoy!

  11. Awwww. Well with a lil boy as cute as that I can understand not wanting to miss a moment. :) It does get frustrating when the bank account starts to shrink and at the same time you see your time with the family drifting away. I'm so happy that your new position should make things better for all of you.

  12. yay for your new schedule! it's great when you're able to actually do what you *want* to do, isn't it?! so glad you can be home more with your precious little dude! enjoy it girl!!


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