Easter 2011


This year the Easter Bunny finally came to our house...maybe it's because we left him carrots, or maybe it's because he knew Little Lewie might be old enough to search for some Easter eggs in the house. 

Anyways, he came, hid a half a dozen eggs, and left chocolate treats, stickers, and even a matchbox car.  I gave the Easter Bunny explicit instructions not to go overboard since a) we don't need all the candy (some of us are on diets in this house) and b) we don't need more toys (I'm still trying to eliminate all the excess.  ...Oprah tells us less is more. Less is more for us because less = more room/space in this house.)

I wasn't able to capture many pictures of Little Lewie this year since he insists that he wants to be the one taking pictures.  Still, I did get a few of him taking his Easter egg bath, searching for eggs on Easter morning, and posing in his Easter outfit.  We had a great time since some of our relatives were up from Delaware for the long weekend.  Lewie received nonstop attention from his gramy and his two doting aunts since he is the "baby" of our family.  To him, he struck it rich this Easter.  Everywhere he looked, he had someone offering to be his play buddy and he had a chance to eat chocolate.  Heaven!

Here are a few pictures from the holiday.  Next year, I suspect the Easter bunny will hide a basket along with all the eggs...
"Floating plastic eggs--Yipee!"

"Is there water inside?"

"Cool bath, Mommy."

"What's in here?"

"I'm still sleepy...Do I have to find all my eggs?"

"Me and my Godmother."

"Me and Mommy."

"Thanks Easter Bunny!"

I hope everyone had a nice holiday!


  1. What a cute bath idea! Lewie is adorable :)

  2. KLV took some baths with her easter eggs too. Love his easter outfit! Cute!

  3. Happy Easter! Good plan to wait until he can enjoy it more next year with the basket! We made the mistake of doing a big basket last year and have continued the tradition...we ended up with WAY too much candy and little easter basket toys! Add all the family that got him easter stuff and I'm hoping I remember next year and get him less!

  4. These are so cute. I love the egg bath idea! He looks so handsome in his special outfit!! Happy belated Easter Annette!

  5. I hope you had a wonderful Easter! It looks like it was great! I love the eggs as bath toys. I also use them as toys in the sandbox. My daughter likes to fill them up with sand. I hope you are doing well my friend. Have a good day!

    Mama Hen

  6. Oooh...I love that the Easter Bunny hid the eggs! That's such a great idea...I'm totally using it next year!


  7. that last pic is TOO cute :) Looks like a happy Easter! Love the egg bath...too clever and cute! I totally forgot to leave out carrots, whoops!

  8. So jealous. It must have been wonderful being with family for Easter. And I'm sure Lewie loved it. Did you dye any eggs or have a big ol' feast? And chocolate..chocolate always makes Easter even better. Glad you had a good one!


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