It's funny how life/God sends messages your way, especially when you are least expecting it.  This month Lewie's daycare has chosen a theme called "Rainbow Gardens."  As a result, he is doing all sorts of rainbow crafts--hand print rainbows, rainbow bubbles, rainbow sand art. 

He started talking about rainbows in the car.  At first I didn't understand what he was saying, but once I remembered this month's theme, I blurted out, "Oh rainbows.  Yes, did you learn how to paint a rainbow today Lewie?"

About five minutes later, it started to rain.  In fact, it almost seemed like rain was on one side of the car and the sun was on the other side.  "Look Lewie.  We're having a sun shower."

I no sooner commented on the sun shower when Lewie shouted, "Mommy, rainbow.  Rainbow, Mommy, Rainbow."  There, on the right side of the car, a beautiful rainbow appeared from behind the clouds.  I was taken aback.  The last time I saw a rainbow was about seven years ago.  I was taking a walk, thinking about my husband-to-be when it appeared.  At that time, I was certain it was a sign that our relationship was meant to be.

Now, seven years later, a rainbow appears again as I'm thinking about my husband and our marriage...Is it a sign of hope?  Is it a promise for a better tomorrow?   Little Lewie and I admire it until it fades into the backdrop.   I wish I had my camera; still, maybe if I stopped the car to take a picture, I would have missed the moment.  "Take a long look Little Lewie," I whisper.   "We might not get a chance to see another one for a long, long time."

A similar rainbow to the one we saw--courtesy of Google Images.


  1. I believe fully in signs and God speaking to us at the most unexpected moments. And yes, I do think that it's a sign for hope. I only know that through God, all things are possible. He can take what is broken and make it better than it ever was. Psalm 34:18. Proverbs 3: 5-6. Those passages have helped me in times of trouble. I hope they speak to you. And rainbows are beautiful..but you do have to endure the rain to enjoy them. :)

  2. Oh I think God was speaking to you. This post made me cry. I sure hope a sign of hope is headed your way...a new beginning for the two of you. (( hugs )) being sent your way!

  3. That is a good sign. Hope you see more rainbows on the outside and in

  4. What a lovely post. Look forward to following you.


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