The Potty Monster


Okay, we've created a "potty monster."  If you're not sure what I mean, please...let me explain. 

Scenario 1:
Little Lewie and I are on our way out the door.  I'm late for work and call daycare to let them know that I will be dropping him off later than expected (again).  As I go to lock the door, Little Lewie annouces...
     "Potty Mommy, Potty."
     "What?  Now?  Are you sure you need to go potty now?"
     "Yes, pee pee Mommy, pee pee."
I unlock the door, bring Little Lewie to the bathroom, and help him pull down his pants and pull up.  We stand there for three minutes.  Nothing happens, but Lewie proceeds to tell me that he's done, so he can flush the toilet and celebrate...

Scenario 2:
This lovely picture is provided to
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We're at the park.  We just finish playing on the swings and instead of being interested in going on the slides, Lewie announces...
     "Potty Mommy, Potty."
Well, what do you know?  Way out younder, yes beyond the parking lot and the ball fields, there's a pavillion that most likely has a potty.  If not, next to the pavillion are porta potties.  Well it must be our lucky day!
     "Are you sure you have to go potty, Lewie?"
     "Yes Mommy, poopy.  Go poopy Mommy.  Go poopy."
I hold his hand, and we walk through the playground, across the parking lot, across several ball fields, and arrive at the pavillion.  There's a bathroom that's open at the pavillion; although Little Lewie has his eyes on the porta potty.  (Even though it's stinky, evidently it's way cooler because it has a swivel lock.)
     "No Lewie.  We're not doing the porta potty.  It's stinky.  Let's go to the regular bathroom."
     "No Mommy. No!" he screams grabbing onto the porta potty door and not letting go.
     "We're going to the other bathroom Lewie," I say sternly, trying to release his grasp on the door.
Now my kid is really screaming.  Fortunately, we're not making too much of a scene since we're pretty far away from the park.  (Although I'm sure some moms can see us out in the distance--me yanking my little boy, and my little boy grabbing onto the porta potty for dear life.)

After what feels like a ten minute struggle, Mommy finally wins, and we get to the regular bathroom.  I proceed to pull down Lewie's pants and realize he's more interested in playing with the stall door.
     "Lewie.  I thought you said you have to go potty."
 He looks at me and continues playing with the lock on the door.
     "I'm not kidding Lewie.  No more playing with the door.  If you have to go potty, we need to go NOW."
The potty never happens; instead my little boy is fixated on playing with the doors, and going potty was just an excuse to get here.

*     *     *

Now don't get me wrong.  I'm very excited that Little Lewie has been doing pee pee on the potty.  He's really trying, and I don't want to discourage or reverse his efforts.  Still, since I made going potty into this fun celebration, Little Lewie wants to do it all the time, even when he really doesn't have to go, just to receive the praise, flush the toilet, or if we're out somewhere, to play with the bathroom stall/lock.  It's become way too fun for the point that I'm battling with him over the difference of using the porta potty vs. playing with the porta potty lock.  Ugh!

Oh yes, and in case you were wondering what eventually happened in Scenario 2...let's just say I ended up carrying my little 45 lb. boy to the car since he still wanted to play with the bathroom doors...Sometimes it's better to go to a park that doesn't have any least for now.    


  1. Ugh is all I can say because next week I'm going to force the whole potty training thing and cringe at days like you wrote about. Congrats on your progress - wish I was already there :-)

  2. I feel for ya. Hopefully the phase won't last long until he really gets it! I REFUSE to use porta potties too. Yucky. If we're out and about and he has to go pee, I tell him he has to hold it (unless it is a situation where he can just go outside, then I tell him he can either pee outside standing up or hold it - surprisingly he usually chooses to hold it).

  3. Ugh! This is why I'm dreading it with Justin :(. You poor thing! At least he wasn't playing with the porta potty door!!

  4. Oh no! Good Luck with potty training...I absolutely hated it with Scotty! He wouldn't tell me when he needed to go until the last this day, he hates using public restrooms. He has to cover his ears when the toilets flush and is stressed out until we're out of there! Guess it makes for a quick potty trip at least :) I can totally picture you carrying him to the car too...I've had a few of those :)

  5. Oh, as much as I'm looking forward to ditching the diapers, it seems like a lot of contact with public bathrooms to have one who is using the potty... good luck to you and Lewie :)

  6. My daughter has done that when we are in a long line and she wants to get out of the line or in the car sometimes. She knows I have to get out of line and stop the car if she says she has to go. Oh the power our littkle ones have! :) Hang in there! Have a great day my friend!

    Mama Hen

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Thursday to you my dear friend! Enjoy this beautiful weather!

    Mama Hen

  8. My goodness! Little Lewie sounds like he is having a ball with his new found potty power. As usual, I'm not there yet, but I know other mamas dealt with the exact same thing. And it sounds like you're being both supportive and keeping him from having too much fun. Gotta love boys though..more interested in the lock than going potty. Yet another story you'll have for Lewie's future lady. ;)

  9. UGH! I'm so sorry! I don't know much about potty training myself (we're just in the beginning stages and have plateaued) but I don't think you should blame yourself for making it fun. I think it's so new and different to any kid that it's guaranteed to bring a big reaction (whether it's using it to play and stall - which Nate also does - or it terrifies them). It must get old eventually, right? GOOD LUCK!!


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