Shark Attack!


About a year ago, my mom brings home this ridiculously cute shark towel that she ordered through Avon.  At first, Little Lewie wasn't too interested.  In fact, he resisted any towel after taking a bath.  I don't know why.  He just preferred the "air dry" method, which I still think might be a boy thing.

Now, almost a year later, he gets upset with me if I don't have the shark towel waiting for him after taking a bath.  Don't get me wrong...he still doesn't like being "dried off", but at least I'm allowed to drape the shark towel over his head.  Here's what a typical day looks like for us after taking a bath...

Lewie loves playing the shark role very well.

After having some experience playing "Vampire" for Halloween, Little Lewie has now become the ultimate shark...fierce white teeth, scary growl (although I don't think sharks growl in real life) and excellent running (I mean swimming) skills.  He has no mercy on his victims; although, he can be easily sidetracked or tempted with M & M's.  He's got an excellent nose for chocolate (I mean blood)....


  1. how cute is that! I love hooded towels...they are so fun :)

  2. Cutest shark I've ever seen. Rawwwwwrr! And I, too, am tempted by m&ms. Nom nom nom...


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