Preschool Days


Little Lewie's preschool days are winding down at the community college.  Since the school is connected to the college's early childhood education program, it follows the school calendar, which means that Lewie will be finishing his year there on May 18th.

My goal was to send Lewie to Teddy Bear Tree House, the daycare he attended last summer, but when I learned in early February that he was number four on a wait list, I decided I couldn't waste any time...I needed to secure another preschool for him before it was too late.  (After all, both Mommy and Daddy have to work year-round, even though I would love to have my summers off.)

Since Lewie's preschool at the college is commencing in less than a month, they've held several events in April to "showcase" what the kids learned during the year.  The first was their annual art exhibit.  (Lewie participated in this last year too.)  I came with Lewie on opening night to see his artwork and the artwork of his little friends...)

The grand opening of the exhibit.

Lewie presenting his work...or well...standing in front of it.

A better view of Lewie's art.

In case you couldn't read the dedication...(Mommy is very modest about this.)

A better view of the exhibit.

His little friend's artwork...

Lewie being congratulated by Miss Kim.

After the exhibit, Lewie took interest in a student's drum kit.  How lucky that the student let him play it!

"This is fun Mommy!"

"Oops.  Hit myself in the head."

"I'm jamming!"
The next event, held this past Thursday, was "Storytellers Night." On this special night, he had a chance to present his storybook on the stage of the college's 'Playbox Theater.'   It was adorable as the teachers read each of the children's stories and presented their artwork to go along with the story.  Lewie is one of the younger children in his class, so his was about talking on the phone and riding the elevator.  Some of his older four (almost five) year-old friends had elaborate, mystical stories about witches, princes, and princesses.  It was quite a production!

Miss Debbie presenting Lewie's book (dedicated to Mommy).

Little Lewie the star.

"This is a little embarrassing..."

Another storybook presentation.  This time for his classmate Jason.

It was definitely fun going to these events...  It makes me realize how much Little Lewie has grown and learned in such a short period of time.  I definitely couldn't be prouder of my little boy.


  1. He is getting so big. The art work is so cute and I love that he uses crayons because he wants to. So cute! Take a look at your little musician! Wait until he is older and really playing those drums with all his buddies at your house. Who knows, maybe he will be the next American Idol! I hope you are well! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  2. It sounds like he's going to a great school!!!
    My daughter will be finished with preschool on the 16th, and then she's kindergarten-bound! Hard to believe!

  3. How great! Hope you all enjoy your new preschool! Love his dedication to you....because i want to. Love it!

  4. I just stopped by to say hi! You have to visit New Hampshire! It is beautiful here! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  5. Happy Mother's Day my friend! Thank you for all of your kind messages! I hope you can take a trip to New Hampshire one day. It was magnifcent! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  6. Preschools this great are hard to find! Your son has had a beautiful experience. Thank you for your account of a great day.

  7. He looks like a natural behind those drums! And his embarrassed look is precious :)


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