Last weekend, my husband and I had a chance to go to a wedding for a cousin on my side of the family.  Besides the fact that weddings are so much fun, it was also doubly special because I had a chance to see family members that I haven't seen in years.  (Some of my family now live in Delaware and Arizona.)

After the wedding on Saturday, we invited my cousin and his wife from Arizona to come to the house on Sunday.  Since they were still in town for another day, we had a chance to go out for brunch and then visit with them for a few hours at our house.  Since Little Lewie wasn't invited to the wedding, he finally had a chance to see his long-lost relatives from Arizona on Sunday.  Just as I suspected, he loved them, and because of this, he went into constant entertaining mode.

Here are a few highlights from a weekend I won't soon forget:

My husband and me.  (Its been seven years since our own wedding.  I can't believe it!)

My Aunt and Uncle from Delaware.
Lewie loves when they come to visit, and when we visit them (about a  6 hour  ride.)

My Aunty Kiki and her best friend.  Lewie gets to see them about every other month.  

My mom and her two sisters and her one "adopted" sister.

My cousin Janine and her son Frankie.
They moved to Delaware too, but we usually get to see them  about once or twice per year.

My mom and me... I just love this picture of us.

The crew from Arizona.  My cousin Vincent always teased me when I was little (he was seven years older).   He loved showing me scary magazines and telling "potty jokes."  I knew Little Lewie would adore him...
Don't all little boys find potty humor to be the funniest thing on earth!

My mom, Lewie, and Uncle Terry in the background.


Little Lewie took this picture (and a million others)...

Bunny ears!

The visit ended this way...My Uncle Terry brought Frankie's old bike from Delaware and gave it to Lewie.  I can't believe how well Lewie did for his first time being on a two-wheeler (w/training wheels).  This little boy worked extra hard to impress everyone when they came outside.  He just loves an audience! 

Today was a reminder as to why family is so important.  They are a part of us, and if we're lucky, they were an inspiration to us from our past, and a source of love, support, and joy for us in the present.


  1. I love the picture of you and your husband... so sweet! I hope your family is having a good spring! We are so so happy to be getting glimpses of nicer weather here in PA :) Good for Lewie on that bike! My guy, no matter how hard his tries, can't steer a bike or scooter and just ends up in the grass.... over and over and over!

  2. So fun! It is so true, family is so important. Love these pictures. The one of you and your husband is darling! Yay for Lewie, such a stud!

  3. Family is the most important thing and it looks like you had a wonderful time. The picture of you and your husband is beautiful. That is so great that Lewie got the bike and great for him! Hope you are well! have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  4. What a sweet blog you have going on here all about family and motherhood. Love it. Thanks for stopping by and for your encouraging words.

  5. Hi Annette, we are having so much fun up North! We visited Maine for the day while we are staying in NH. I also remember Maine from summer camp when I was little. I remember the beautiful lakes and that is what we saw on our drive to Portland. We took a really long walk along the water in Portland. So beautiful! You have to take your family up this way. I will e-mail you when we get back home. Have a great weekend!

    Mama Hen

  6. I too have family spread out and when we get together it is so much fun, I echo your last paragraph exactly! No matter how much time or distance, the love is always there. I actually haven't been to a wedding in a while but what a fun time. And a two-wheeler?! Yeah, what a big boy.

    Thanks for your sweet comments always Annette, it means a lot to know that you understand and are supportive. Sometimes you just need to vent and feel the love you know? Seriously, keep on being the great mom you are, I love reading about it.

  7. How fun! It is always good to see family, especially for such a special occasion!


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