Newport Flower Show


This weekend my mom and I were able to share another mother-daughter day--this time to Newport, Rhode Island.  Over the past few years, my mom and I haven't been able to take any special day trips together, so I'll admit that I feel spoiled now that we were able to squeak in two trips in a little less than a month.  (Our first trip was to the Hidden Gardens of Beacon Hill.)

The theme to the Newport Flower Show was "Jade: Eastern Obsessions," and it was held in one of the famous Newport mansions called Rosecliff.  While my mom and I are not avid gardeners (we dabble here and there), we certainly do appreciate flowers and often fantasize about turning our own backyard into a beautiful, serene oasis one day. So, going on this trip did exactly that--it gave us a chance to spend valuable time together, and it gave us a chance to dream.  It was a much needed respite for both of us that have been working "double duty" at work and feeling too overwhelmed and exhausted to daydream about the future.  (I feel stunted when I don't have a chance to daydream...)

For all of you flower lovers (or daydreamers that want your own backyard to turn into an enchanted garden), these pictures are for you:

A beautiful lily pad reflection pool w/ patio.

This rock structure offers a beautiful waterfall.  (Lewie would love playing in it all day long.)

Chinese lanterns!!

A gorgeous stone walkway.

Dining in elegance.

Me (the Rosecliff Mansion is in the background)

I love the idea of adding Chinese parisols to a garden setting.

A garden "in miniature."  This one won first place!

A unique flower exhibit.

My mom standing beside the Ocean wall at the Rosecliff Mansion.

What do you daydream about?


  1. Wow, very beautiful. I get inspired by the beautiful gardens and then I tried to create the look in my backyard. So far, I have bamboo garden, koi pond, vegetable garden and herbal garden. My favorite from here is the pond with all the lillies. That is out of sight!!!

  2. Annette,

    So nice to hear about you and Sharon I hope you are all doing well. Please tell your mom I miss her and think of her often.
    With Love,
    Jennifer Martin

  3. Oh my goodness, Annette! Have you taken a photography class or something? Your pics are coffee-table-art-book worthy these days! That and you seem to be visiting awesome places with excellent colorful, designer photo-ops : ). Is it just me or do you and your mom favor one another? I tell people all the time that I have done it...I have become my mom...and not just because my favorite reply to my kids is, "Because I said so, that's why!" I'll have to try to get my hands on a pic and post it. I daydream about an organized house. Right now, I have an in-ground pool in the backyard, but that's about it. A large backyard with lots of concrete and a pool in it, an old junker fixer-upper of a car (that belongs to my BIL) and a falling down fence. My mint patch (started out as two sprigs of mint in a flower bed of ground cover), my son's crepe myrtle tree that is in full bloom right now (we planted it when he was born almost 17 years ago *sniffle, sniffle*--where does the time go?!?) and my few potted plants that add a splash of color are a far cry from an oasis or sanctuary, but they do bring me joy. I know I don't have to remind you to cherish all of the time with your mom. My mom lives less than two miles from me so we chat and see each other often. Sometimes we (meaning "I") take our close proximity for granted and don't take the time out to do fun, out of the ordinary things together. We are counting down the days to our scrapbook retreat at a B&B next weekend! Enjoyed your pics and your post. Take care

  4. Hi again, Annette-I left you a "reply" to your comment on my blog, so stop back by when you get a chance. Sorry for the extended comment above. I kept thinking I had updated my blog, but then remembered I had only commented on a couple of other blogs LOL!

  5. Another fun day with your mom! Lucky lady! Looks like you had fun!

  6. Beautiful! I am a horrible gardener, so I am always in awe of such gorgeous landscapes.


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