Life Happens...


I rarely like to miss a week blogging but as we all know, life can sometimes get overwhelming.  Two weeks ago, in the midst of my "Random Acts of Kindness" deliveries, I received a phone call from my husband who said he got injured at work.  He wouldn't give me anymore details until I came home.

As I entered the house with little guy, I saw my husband hobbling on one foot; apparently, he slipped on ice while trying to get into his car and his knee made a popping sound--his bad knee that is...

You see, my husband has had two knee surgeries in the past (both on the same knee).  One surgery was done while we were dating, and the other surgery happened just last February after a sledding accident.  When we went sledding just a few weeks ago, you could imagine my fear.  I was playing referee the entire time trying to make sure that we didn't have a repeat occurrence from last year.  I sounded like this:

"Lew, please keep your sled away from Little Lewie.  I'm afraid you're going to collide, and you'll hurt your knee again."

"Lew, can you move just another 10 feet in that direction?"

"Lew, don't go yet!!  It looks like those kids over on that end are going first."

Yes, my husband calls me "Nagarella" and the "Fun Police" with good reason.  After becoming a mom, I seem to "worry" all the time.  Sometimes for good reason, but sometimes just because worrying has taken over my blood..."

Last week, however, God and the universe taught me a very important lesson.  Worrying gets you nowhere; worrying is unproductive; and finally, trade worry with faith.

It appears that no matter how much I worried during the last time we went sledding, my husband was going to injure his knee regardless, and there wasn't a single thing I could do about it.  There wasn't anything he could have done differently either.  He slipped on ice and voila!   He went to his "knee doctor" the very next day, spent the week icing his injury, and had an MRI done last Sat.  We knew nothing...was it a torn meniscus, an ACL injury, what?

This is where the faith comes in...  Last Thursday, Lew got the good news from his knee doctor that he wouldn't need another surgery after all.  While he did "stretch" his ACL and it appears as if he has a painful bone injury, the doctor assured us that, in time, he would make a full recovery.  His knee would start to hurt less, and he probably wouldn't need any physical therapy either...

As you can imagine, we've been taking it easy this past week -- no sledding, no roller skating, no skiing or any type of sport, and that's okay.  Sometimes I need to take a deep breath and stop all the worrying.  In fact, I need to trade worry for faith.  Faith is what will assure me that everything is going to be all right, and faith is what will allow me to enjoy those days of sledding again instead of acting like the Police Patrol.  I'm sorry I ever had any doubts...

My two boys gearing up for their first time down the hill.

The hole of this snow tube was a little too big for him, but oh well, we tried!


My husband teasing me after I nagged him about being careful not to get injured.

Rare footage of me with my little boy.  (Not really, but there are way more daddy-son pictures than mommy-son pics!)


  1. So glad he is okay! I too worry too much. But I've learned, like you, to live with faith instead of fear. Yes, crummy things will probably happen, but because of Jesus Christ, everything will be all right somehow. Or at least that's how I'd ideally like to live by faith!

  2. You guys have such a beautiful family! I love all of the smiles when you are spending time together :) I'm glad your husband's knee is okay. It is so hard not to worry... I can relate!!!

  3. Glad he won't need another surgery, but that sure does sound painful!

  4. I am glad he doesn't need surgery and I definitely like the idea of trading worry for faith! Beautiful picture of you and Lewie as well (Mommy pictures are short around here too)

  5. Oh no, poor hubby! So glad the doctor expects a full recovery!! :)
    beautiful pictures! love your cute little family!
    Thanks for being my friend! xoxo


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