Easter Treats


Our Easter weekend began on Good Friday when my son requested to meet the Easter Bunny at the Danbury Railway Museum (again).  He remembered it vividly from last year, even pointing out the Easter Car:  "Mommy that's where the Easter Bunny is..." he said excitedly in his five year-old, high pitched voice. 

He insisted he was going to ask the Easter Bunny for a train when he met him but then said nothing when he realized the Easter Bunny doesn't talk.  Instead he gave the Bunny a hug and a high five while I snapped a few pictures.  I was excited the pictures came out cute this year with Lewie's "authentic" smile.  (These days I usually get a fake ear to ear grin.)

Lewie on the Easter Train Ride.

Hubby and me.

Lewie and Grammy--my little boy requested that Mommy, Daddy, and Grammy come this year.

Lewie and the Easter Bunny

Priceless.  I love age five!

On Saturday, Lewie had a chance to spend most of the day with our Aunty Irene and Uncle Terry that came up from Delaware.  We made birds next cupcakes for Easter (Lewie enjoyed sampling the frosting), and then we went to cousin Crystal's birthday party who turned one year old. (She was born on tax day). 
This birds nest was made with chocolate dipped Chinese Chow Mein noodles.

Our Easter dessert.  Lewie loved putting on the eggs and the bird.

Little Crystal Rae on her special day!

So cute...posing with her first phone :)

My son with his "fake grin" again.

On Easter Sunday, Lewie woke up somewhat groggy, forgetting that the Easter Bunny had come to visit our house.  (Ironically, he had woke up on Friday and Saturday announcing "It's Easter.  It's Easter," but actually missed making the big announcement on the real day.)  Once I told him I thought the Bunny had come, he started frantically searching for his plastic eggs in the living room and then his Easter Basket.  He started the hunt with confidence:  "Mommy, I'm good at finding eggs."  However, it didn't take long before he solicited my help, especially for the Easter Basket. 

Lewie and his "train" Easter Basket.

Looking at his jigsaw puzzles.

I think I taught my child too well.  He told me that I could have his chocolate Easter Bunny.

Excited because the Easter Bunny did put a train in his basket!

After a few hours of Lewie playing with his new trains and starting his train puzzle, it was time for church.  Mass, as usual, was beautiful and profound, and it reminded me that Easter is truly a time to rejoice.  We spent the rest of the day feeling thankful for God's grace and spending time with our beloved family.  It was truly a beautiful weekend on all accounts.

Pictures after mass...

I'm glad I can still pick up my little boy.

Lewie's Easter outfit.  I LOVE his sweater.

I hope everyone enjoyed this special holiday!


  1. Too cute! So glad you guys had a wonderful Easter!! His little cardigan is aaaaaadorable!!!

  2. So adorable - I love the excitement in their faces! Kids are amazing! ANd I seriously love those cupcakes- how beautiful & creative! :)

  3. Lewie is getting SO big! (I love his sweater, too!) I'm glad you had a nice Easter.

  4. Lewie looks so handsome! And I love your hair in the picture on the train- so pretty!


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