The Winter that Never Ends


This year the weather has been interesting.  Thankfully, we've been spared from blizzards, hurricanes, super storms, and the like (for now), but the months of March and April have not exactly been easy.  Cold temperatures, snow, and ice storms have been frequent, and just when we think warmer weather is here to stay, we get this:

This weekend, we had temperatures in the high 60's and 70's.  For the first time this spring, my tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils finally managed to push their way through the rock hard ground and show their colorful pedals.  On Sunday, we decided to go hiking at an environmental conservation area called White Memorial Campground, and there, the forest seemed to be awakened too.  Squirrels were playfully running up and down trees, birds were diving over our heads, peepers were calling for mates, oh, and bullfrogs were grunting too.  I must admit that I never heard bullfrogs before during mating season, but my oh my,...if you're curious, this is what they sound like:

It was a fun weekend, but now we're back to the cold.  Our winter coats and hats had to come out once again. (Have I mentioned that this unpredictable weather has been making everyone sick in our house too?) Since the weather has mostly been cold, I scheduled our annual Easter Egg Hunt with friends at my house for the first week of May...  Boy, I'm sure glad I did!

On the way to school, April 16,2014

A fake smile from my five year old that's not too happy about our ice storm.


  1. We haven't been able to put away the heavy winter coats yet either. It is frustrating! Hopefully this week is the last of it.

  2. Gosh... This is just awful! How can it possibly be cold and snowing in April... And a few days before Easter... Craziness!! I hope it warms up a bit for you guys so you can enjoy the holiday outside some!

  3. This winter has been sooo long! I hoping now we are on to warmer weather for good!


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