Mother's Day 2014 Recap


Sunday was an all-around fun Mother's Day.  First, we started it with a visit from the Tooth Fairy.  (Yes, my son lost his very first tooth!) 

Then, I was surprised by a beautiful bouquet of flowers that my son picked out for me all by himself!  It was pink and orange--his favorite colors--and it had a butterfly on top.  My husband had try to convince him to buy me an angel (since I have a small collection), but my son was convinced that I had to have this bouquet of flowers with a butterfly.  He couldn't have bought me a more perfect gift.  I LOVE receiving flowers, and the butterfly reminds me of my grandmother; in fact, any time I see a butterfly, I often think it's my grandmother saying "hello" from above.

At noon, it was time to take Lewie to swim lessons and watch him swim all by himself.  The teacher had him jump into the pool from the diving board, which is yet another mini-milestone.  Going to his lesson was a BIG DEAL for me because there are many Sundays that I use the time to stay home and correct papers instead.  This Sunday was different.  This Sunday was about being with my little buddy.

After swim lessons, we headed over to my in-laws to wish my mother-in-law, my two sisters-in-law, and my niece a happy Mother's day.  Lewie was able to enjoy being with his cousins for a while--all five of them to be exact--and he even got a little jealous when watching me play with his younger ones on the trampoline:  "Hey, only I get to sit on my Mommy's lap!"

Finally, we ended the day by picking up my mom for dinner.  I made reservations at this quaint restaurant called The Hopkins Inn, which is know for its patio dining.  The scenery from the patio was like eye candy;  from one direction, we could see a breathtaking view of its nearby vineyard and from the other, we had a bird's eye view of Lake Waramaug.  Even Lewie, who often complains about eating at restaurants, liked the place and the food.  (He was disappointed that they didn't have chocolate chip pancakes, but the crepes filled with ice cream and drizzled in hot fudge sure made up for it!)

My son's lower right tooth is missing, but you can't see it in this picture.

Five is a hard age to get my son to just sit and smile with me.

Lewie just loves his Gramy!

My two boys relaxing by the lake after a full meal.

So happy to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom!

The patio at the Hopkins Inn.

This restaurant has been an inn since 1847.

A view of where we were just sitting.

The vineyard next door.

The last picture I could take before my family got restless with me. 
(I could have spent the whole day taking pictures of the vineyard.)

This year's Mother's day was perfect; I feel blessed to be able to have spent it with my own mom, my husband, my in-laws, and my little boy.  This year I celebrated five full years of being a Mommy, and there is nothing in this world I'd rather be! 


  1. What a perfect day!! Happy Mother's Day to you!!

  2. It really does sound like a wonderful day!

  3. I'm so glad you had a wonderful day! You have some great pictures to remember it!

  4. What a perfect day! Cullen has recently become obsessed with losing a tooth and tries to wiggle his (very un-wiggly) teeth free all the time.


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