Currently - September Edition


Ever since school has started, I find that the days and weekends are whizzing by fast.  The first two weeks of September were spent getting adjusted to new schedules, cooler temperatures, and shorter days.  We've been fighting off germs (and winning so far), and buying new school clothes and shoes to last us through the fall and winter. 

In the midst of these new routines, we've had 'school picture day,' 'pirate day,' and 'pajama day,' which are a welcome break from the norm but, to a certain degree, require their own planning and preparation.  Then, out of the blue, I received a job promotion, which is both exciting and overwhelming at the same time.  Will I be able to achieve a work/life balance?  At the moment, it feels like work is winning, but I'm determined to take days off ahead of time to make sure that my family remains a priority.

Today I'm linking up with Jenna of A Mama Collective, to discuss life...Currently.

Thinking about// APPLES!  Lewie's school has been focusing on apples for the past few weeks, and last week, he brought home his own "Apple Book" that had all sorts of lesson plans, stories, poems, and crafts focused on apples.  Since it's been a central theme this month, I thought it would only be right to end the month with some apple picking.  So today we went to a nearby farm, picked some apples, and bought some homemade apple cider donuts to bring to school.  (His class is small with only six students total.)  I'm sure they'll be a hit!

Thankful for// my family.  Our little family has gone through some rocky times over the years, but today it feels like we're closer than ever.  Although the days are getting darker quicker, we're still determined to fit in valuable family time even if it's outside in the dark.  At least four days a week, my mom watches Lewie (she lives next door) while my husband and I go for an hour long walk in our neighborhood with flashlights.  Then, on most days, I go on the trampoline with my little boy and play "bounce tag."  Even on days when I come home late for work, my little guy and I will put on jackets and bounce while looking at the moon and the stars.  I actually look forward to this time with him and hope he'll remember it just as fondly as I will...

Loving//  dress up theme days.  So far, Lewie's school has celebrated Pirate Day and Pajama Day.  For Pirate Day, we were able to find some old mix and match costume items from years before to dress him up, and on Pajama Day, we chose his very best pajamas and brought two favorite story books to school--How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? and Steam Train, Dream Train.  I wish I could have stayed behind as a school helper, but at least I had the pleasure of dropping him off and watching him be so excited to show his school teacher and his classmates his little outfits.  For Pirate Day, Lewie constantly grunted, "Yo, Ho, Ho...Ahoy Mates!" in his deepest voice.  (If you didn't see his pirate costume, you would have thought he was doing more of an imitation of a deranged Santa Claus--"Yo, Ho, Ho...Yo, Ho, Ho....) 

So we found an eye patch and pirate scarf that was from an old birthday goodie bag...

Then we added one of my mom's gold, loop, clip-on earrings from the 70's and of course, a Captain Hook type moustache.

We completed the outfit with an old Dracula vest we used for Lewie when he was three. 
(You can see old Dracula pictures here.)

Yes, September has come and gone, but at least we were able to savor some fun memories along the way.   Now it is on to pumpkins, leaf peeping, and Halloween...  Does anyone know how to make a steam train costume?  (That will be our October project this year...)


  1. Oh, theme days are always fun. My favorite that we've encountered so far was 80s day. What a riot! You got a blog makeover! It looks great.

  2. I always though he looked so much like you until you turned him into a pirate! He looks like Lew! Or does Lew look like a pirate? And we need to celebrate the promotion!

  3. Stopping by from the link up! Looks like some fun themed days. Always fun at school with those days.

  4. I loath the hard times, but we usually end up closer together and stronger than ever when we make it through!
    Apples have totally been on my mind as well! There is an apple festival this weekend I'm hoping we can get to!!
    Congrats on your promotion!!

  5. Lewie makes thee cutest pirate! And congratulations on your promotion! I love how you make family time a priority no matter what.

  6. That's so sweet that yall go for walks in the evening!

  7. He makes the cutest pirate! And the fall seems to go by sooo fast!


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