A Cape Cod (Early) Christmas


After spending Thanksgiving with my family and my in-laws, we decided to take a short trip to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, so we could enjoy the Cape Codder Resort (with its indoor water park and wave pool) and the Train to Christmas Town.
After doing our usual (traveling late on Friday night), we arrived at the Cape Codder around midnight and checked-in.  The very next morning, we ate breakfast at the Hearth 'n Kettle and decided we only had two goals for that Saturday—enjoy the water park and wave pool and then get in our pajamas to ride the 5 o’clock Train to Christmas Town. 

I must say that the day didn’t disappoint.  The wave pool and slides were so much fun (rarely do I go fully under and get my hair wet these days), and The Train to Christmas Town was upbeat and fun.  We had a chance to sit in a very comfortable coach with a table while elves spoiled us with hot chocolate and cookies.  We sang songs, read The Train to Christmas Town book, met characters from the story, and of course, had a chance to meet Santa himself.  When Santa came around, Lewie could hardly contain himself:
“I want a Lionel Polar Express Luggage Car, Kitchen Car, and Crew Figures” he blurted out in five seconds flat.  I was hoping to get a picture of the two of them, but Santa was on a tight schedule.  There were at least twenty other children waiting for him in our car alone, and there were eight other cars.

The wave pool and water slides...

Proof that my husband joined in the fun...

Proof that I joined in the fun...

This kid loved diving into the waves!

The pool reminded me of the Ocean...indoors.

One more picture to capture the theme of the pool.
Waiting for the Train to Christmas Town

We're ready to see Santa!

Me too!

"Santa, I've been a good boy this year."

Our one quick picture of Santa.

Lewie posing with one of our elves.  He was way more excited to take a picture with her!

Inside the Train Car...
When we arrived back at the Cape Codder, we had other unexpected surprises.  Children were invited to roast marshmallows out at their courtyard bonfire and then watch their feature movie, The Polar Express.  Lewie was so wound up from the entertainment, he didn’t go to bed until midnight. 

The next morning, we enjoyed the wave pool one more time and then ventured out to see a little of Cape Cod, which of course, seems to be somewhat in hibernation this time of year.  We took a few pictures by the Lighthouse in Chatham, MA, and then went to the famous Snow’s Home and Garden Store in Orleans.  A nice lady at the hotel front desk told us that Snow’s had an awesome model train display, so off we went.  The store was amazing, possibly even better than the Christmas Tree Shop, with all of its lights and ornaments on display.  Even better, they carried many Lionel Trains, and I attempted to buy Lewie a “Lionel Trolley” while Daddy kept him occupied.
The secret mission failed.  As we all walked to the car, Lewie saw the Lionel emblem through the bag and immediately got excited about the bag’s contents. 

Lewie:  “Mommy!!!  Did you buy me a train?”

Me:  “Why do you ask?”

Lewie:  “There’s something in the bag that says Lionel.  Oh Mommy, you bought me a train!”

Me:  "Oh, well, that's a Christmas present from Mommy and Daddy."

Lewie:  “Mommy, can I see the train?  Please can I see the train.  Pleeeaaaasssseee!”

Seeing that we had a three hour trip home, I couldn’t imagine Lewie begging me relentlessly the whole time; I gave up and relinquished the Trolley.  Meanwhile, Lewie stared at it in the box the entire ride home with a permanent smile on his face.  Quite honestly, it was the perfect ending to the perfect little trip.  We are ready for Christmas!
We ate at lunch at this awesome restaurant called "The Brazilian Grill."  The "theme" of this restaurant is that they continuously serve you cuts of meat--pork, beef, lamb, chicken, etc. etc.

I had to take a picture of the restaurant's glass enclosed room!

Definitely a restaurant for the meet lover...like my husband.

The Chatham Lighthouse

At the "elbow" of the Cape...

One happy boy with his Lionel Trolley


  1. Ahhh that indoor water park looks so great! I wish that was closer to us!

  2. Oh, my! We need to schedule a trip to that place. How incredibly fun and amazing for everyone!!! I love that you relinquished the trolley early. What understanding parents!

  3. Oh stop it!! He stared at the box the whole way home? That is the cutest thing ever! What a sweet, patient boy (aside from the begging... but can you blame him?! ha!)
    What a fun trip! When we visited Boston at the end of summer we were so hoping to visit Cape Cod for a day! We quickly realized we didn't have the time but THIS sounds like the perfect excuse to take Mia with us and visit Cape Cod alone! How FUN!! What a perfect weekend together!


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