Happy Easter 2015!


This year we celebrated a delightfully simple Easter holiday.   The bug exterminators came out for their last time on Friday (Good Friday to be exact), and while our home is clean and bug free, we haven't had a chance to move all of our belongings back inside.  We had no Easter decorations this year and no company; we chose to eat out with family instead.

The Easter Bunny arrived to an incredibly clean house this year and had to think extra hard about hiding eggs.  There were empty book cases and shelves, so the Bunny had to scope out secret places behind shades, couches, tables, and some of Mommy's exercise equipment.   The Easter "basket" (gift) was wrapped and hidden on a kitchen chair tucked under the table. 

Little Lewie, of course, didn't recognize the difference between this year and last year.  He was just happy to spend the morning finding his eggs, eating chocolate, and scoping out his Easter gift. 

The second joy came when we met up to eat a delicious Easter buffet with my family.  We tried a new restaurant in Middletown called The Canoe Club and enjoyed eating a yummy meal with good conversation.  My family (who hasn't seen Lewie in a while) was surprised at how tall he's grown, and they were especially impressed with his good manners.

Indeed, this Easter was much different than the ones from my childhood.  Easter used to be day where 15 or so family members would cram into our little house and eat a delicious meal around a long wooden table that was set up in our living room walkway.  After eating, aunts and uncles would fall asleep on the couch while others gathered their pennies to play a lively game of Pokeno.  I wish Lewie could have the same upbringing, but alas, many of my family members have either moved away or joined our Lord Jesus in heaven. 

Regardless of days past, this holiday was cheerful.  I had the blessing of celebrating it with my own little family, my mom, my aunt, and our "adopted" family friend.   We had a wonderful meal, and we had the joy in knowing that we could return to our happy, peaceful home.  In a few spare minutes of solitute, I also had the time to pray, reflect, and be thankful.  God is good.


  1. That sounds like a beautiful Easter memory for Lewie! Love how handsome he looks in his outfit too :) Happy Easter Annette... and good riddance to those dumb bugs!!!

  2. Having a super clean house doesn't sound like such a bad way to enjoy Easter! Glad you all had a good one.

  3. Hey Annette,
    I am happy to finally be back to blogging. It has been another whirlwind the past month. I have been praying for you and the discomfort you and your family have been through. I hope you can start feeling stress free and calm now that you are back in your home. The Easter celebration looks like it was a wonderful day! It may have bee different than what you are used to, but it will be one you will always remember. ;-) I hope we can get together soon! Maybe we can meet for a MNO. Miss you!

    Mama Hen


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