Mount Tom State Park


My girlfriend and I have been taking our two boys to Mount Tom State Park since they were toddlers.  In those days, the boys loved to sit in the water, play in the sand, and go out into the "deep end" while we held them in our arms.   The summer day would always end with ice cream and a long nap in the car.

Today, little Ryan is seven years-old, and Lewie will be too in a matter of weeks.  I knew I'd be sad when they reached this age, but then something miraculous happened...  When we first arrived at the beach, Lewie and Ryan headed straight for the water with their goggles.  (No more floaties, life vests, or tubes.)  They spent twenty or so minutes playing "fish finder" (the water is so clear that it's easy to spot the fish), and then they pleaded, even begged, for us to go in the water too.

Last year, we played a game called "Shark," where I was the big, bad Shark looking to eat little Ryan's and Lewie's toes.  They'd go to my friend Sue for cover and hang onto her for dear life.  It was fun, but in all fairness, I had forgotten about it...until...

Ryan blurted, "Let's play Shark!"

"Yeah," Lewie agreed.  "Mommy, you can't catch us."

Then, for the next hour, we played Shark and had motor boat races (where the boys held onto our back and neck).  It was so much fun, and even more, they were having so much fun!!!  Sue and I were reminded that our little boys still need us just as much as we need them.  What can be better than that!

Our day ended with ice cream, but naps in the car are long gone.  I kept peeking at the back seat; all I saw were two happy boys laughing and talking energetically about different characters in Mine Craft.  It's fun to watch them become friends.  This year, they bonded with each other even more, but even after turning a year older, I'm happy to say that we (Sue and I) are still number one in their book. 

The sky was so beautiful that day!

Ryan "photobombing" a picture of Sue and me.


An "active" ride home! :)


  1. Ahhh looks like so much fun! I haven't taken Lyla to a lake yet!

  2. It looks like you're always having fun! The only thing we didn't do this summer so far was go to a lake!


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