Halloween 2015 - The Avengers Edition


Little Lewie is officially a seven year-old boy in mind, body, and spirit.  I've been watching this transformation as his interests have changed.  He still loves going to train museums, and at one point, he even asked if we could download the Train Simulator game on his computer; however, gone are the days of watching Chuggington and Thomas the Train.  Gone are the days of playing with his wooden train and Trackmaster sets too.

Last year, Lewie requested that we dress up as a train for Halloween, so we did our best to create an engine (Lewie), coal tender (Mommy), and dining car (Daddy) out of cardboard boxes.  We looked at pictures on Pinterest and ultimately made our own "train"--partly inspired by other's ideas and partly inspired by our own ingenuity.  It was so much fun as my son loved pretending he was an engine and occasionally hollered out a "Choo Choo."

Now fast-forward a full 365 days later, and my son is fascinated by Iron Man.  He loves playing the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game on his Wii U and watching Youtube Videos about the Avengers--especially Iron Man.  As a mom that doesn't want to see her son grow up, I wasn't crazy about this shift in tastes, but ultimately, parenthood is all about acceptance--acceptance that my son is growing up and acceptance that pop-culture will most likely play a role in his new interests.

Since it's become a tradition that Mommy and Daddy join in the fun of Halloween too, we followed suit (no pun intended) and dressed up like Super Heroes too-- Thor for Daddy and Captain America for Mommy.  Daddy's store-bought costume was relatively easy, but I had to be a little creative in trying to turn a very skimpy costume into a more wholesome one.   Ultimately, here's how we looked:

My husband as Thor.

This picture is beyond words.

Lewie as Iron Man

Lewie and his first grade class

Lewie visiting my mom at work.  (My mom's supervisor dressed up as a Minion.)

There's my mom, Iron Man, and Thor (w/ the Minion).


(Okay, so maybe I enjoyed being a Super Hero too - just a little bit.)

Before trick-or-treating...

Okay, so dressing up as the Avengers was kind of fun--okay really fun.  Lewie had a special Iron Man glove that lights up and makes sound effects, and let's just say that he made sure to show it off at every house.  He might not have been yelling "Choo Choo," this year, but he was certainly showing off his Iron Man glove and moves--just as adorable.  Overall, I give this Halloween an A+.  I might not be in costume anymore, but I reminded Lewie that it takes super powers everyday for me to be a mom!

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  1. You all look fantastic! Wow I'm excited to see what you come up with next year!


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