First Friend (that's a Girl!)


Lewie has made a number of friends this year in first grade.  He has his two friends from Cub Scouts, Brody and Hunter; his friends from school, Justin, Aidan, and Erik; and his friends from previous years, Ryan, Patrick, Landon, Kirsten, etc.

Still, he has the friends he has made (because Mommy happens to be friends with their moms) and the friends he's made because well, he's actually "clicked" with these boys on his own.  Lately, however, Lewie has been mentioning a girl he likes in class too. 

Lewie:  "Mommy, I let her cut me in line all the time, and she tells me, 'Lewie, you are such a good boy!'"

Me:  "Oh, well that's a very nice thing to do."  (Is that how I'm supposed to reply?)

Lewie:  "Mommy, she makes my heart so happy."

Me:  "That's sweet."

Lewie:  "Yes, I'd like to have a play date with her."

Now, there have been a few rare occasions when Lewie has actually asked to have a play date with someone (boy or girl), but usually it is a fleeting request that happens once and is never asked again.  This time is different... and this weekend, I had the chance of meeting this little girl (and her mom) at one of their classmate's birthday parties. 

So far, I must say that my son has good taste.  This little girl is a sweetheart, and her mom and I have already become fast friends.  I suspect that a future play date will be in the works...


  1. My bff when I was 6 was a boy :-) Cute picture!

  2. That is the sweetest story ever!!! Love it! Such a cute picture!

  3. Oh my goodness! That is just the sweetest thing!! Love this post!


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