Making the Most of Fall


Since we had both a wedding and a baby shower in October, these last few weeks have been all about playing "catch up."  I LOVE the fall, particularly the agricultural fairs, farm visits, and hiking. On the last week of October, we finally picked our pumpkins, and last week, we went through our very first corn maze.  I am so happy we squeezed in these visits before the cold weather set in...

The Corn Maze at Lyman Orchards closed last week.  The farm is celebrating its 275th anniversary and its tenth generation of family ownership.  This year the Corn Maze was designed to recognize its anniversary by cutting the path in the shape of its signature homestead.  The maze itself was created on four acres with nearly two miles of winding pathways.

Since we went on the last weekend of the event, we were lucky to almost have the entire maze to ourselves. We ran and played hide-and-go-seek between the corn stalks.  (Silly mommy thought we were actually going to read the facts within the maze and figure out the exit strategy.)  With our nutty shenanigans, it didn't take long before we got lost.  (In fact, a few times we almost lost each other!) After an hour of running around and tagging each other, we finally made it to an emergency exit.  We attempted to figure out the real exit, but once again, after winding around another twenty minutes, we made it right back to the same emergency exit.  We admitted defeat, swallowed our pride, and went back to their market for lunch.  They had such yummy and unique sandwiches; my choice was the Crispin with grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, leaf lettuce, thinly sliced red onions, fresh apple slices and Lyman’s own apple glace.

The special 275th Anniversary Corn Maze.  (It opened in Sept. this year.)


  1. What a fun day. I love that you got the place to yourselves!

  2. Such a beautiful covered bridge! Seems like the perfect time to go with the weather and all the beautiful leaves.

  3. That covered bridge is beautiful! I swear I would be there everyday taking pictures. And you guys have quite possibly the best corn maze ever!


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