A Relaxing Winter Break


Our family ALWAYS looks forward to winter break.  I can't emphasize the word ALWAYS enough.  Little Lewie obviously looks forward to it because it's a week off from school.  I look forward to it because it's a week off from work--a week to relax, a week to reconnect with family and loved ones, a week for enjoyment, and if I'm lucky, a week to begin organizing my house for the New Year.

In the past, hubby and I would use this time to go on couple trips to places like Las Vegas, San Francisco, New Orleans, and San Diego.  (Those were our pre-Lewie days; in fact, some of those trips were pre-wedding days, too.)  Now, for the past ten years, our priorities have shifted.  We mostly spend time at home, unless we try to squeak in a one or two day trip. 

This year was no exception to our "new norm."  Aunty Kiki, our beloved family member that is battling Ovarian Cancer, stayed with us for almost a full week as she recovered from surgery.  Then, Aunty ReRe from Delaware came up to stay with us, too.  After celebrating Christmas, we had a few more days of fun--a day for art, a play date with hiking and ice cream, a day at our local aquarium, and a night with friends to welcome in 2019.

Here is a glimpse of our break through pictures:

Cousin Sarah painting ceramics at the Clay Date

My lovely vase...

Cousin Brooklyn's Dragon

Cousin Lily's kitty cat...

Our winter hike at White Memorial Conservation Center

Hikes are better with family and a best friend.

A day at the Maritime Aquarium

The end of a fun day...

It's hard to name one single favorite moment as our break was full of them.  Still, I did have a favorite activity and that was going to see the IMAX movie Backyard Wilderness, which was part of our trip to the aquarium.  The movie, having received rave reviews, explains how the cycle of nature/life occurs all around us when we're too busy indoors watching TV, playing video games, or going to school or work.  It shows how plant and animal life changes during all four seasons with a particular emphasis on spring and the birth of newborn baby animals, like frogs, salamanders, ducks, raccoons, deer, coyotes, and other wild animals.  The movie resonated with our ten year-old Lewie who often turns down outside activities to stay on his computer, and it made both my husband and me cry as we're reminded about the beauty, splendor, delicacy, and sanctity of life.  (I had no idea I should have armed myself with a package of tissues before beginning the movie.)

Our winter break this year, in short, was a reminder to us of what's important.  By spending time with family, friends, and nature (or observing nature), we had a chance to focus on the areas of our life that should be held in the highest regard but often gets pushed aside because of school and work.  My challenge this year will be to schedule more time like this each month, so we don't have to wait until summer and winter break to find balance.

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  1. A relaxing break sounds good to me! Santa scuba dives at our zoo too, so funny!


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