To Be Grateful...


Every night before we go to bed, Little Lewie and I say something we are grateful for...

Sometimes it's for God and for the gift of life itself; sometimes it's for good health; sometimes it's for friends and family; sometimes it's for independence and education; and sometimes it's for just the random things we take for granted, shelter, clothing, and all the little and big things that make us happy.   At one time I was going to start writing down all of our nighttime answers, but admittedly, I didn't start.  I imagine if I did, the list could fill a book.

I woke up this morning with a to-do list in my head--pay these bills, start a load of laundry, answer a few work emails, vacuum the house, etc.  I realize now that these to-do lists that I wake up to each and every morning clouds my head space.  Instead of waking up feeling grateful and satisfied, I wake up to a void... I have this, and this, and this to do... Until the list gets done, I don't allow myself to feel happy, and if the list rolls into the next day, then I increasingly feel frustrated and burdened.

I'm not sure how to end the cycle.  After all, if I don't follow my "to-do list" for today, we won't have a Thanksgiving dinner...or we'll have some agitated family members that will be unhappy that I didn't do my part.  Maybe, Little Lewie and I need to begin our days in the same way that we end them..."Dear God, I am thankful for..."

Today, my morning gratitude reflection is this...

"Dear God, Today I am grateful for being able to celebrate another wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family.  I am grateful that we all have our health, and although there has been some scares with family members in recent years, they are still here with us to enjoy and celebrate the day.  I am thankful for the yummy food we will be eating today, our warm and cozy house, and the fun board games we'll be playing afterwards.  Even more, I'm grateful that we all have today off to be with each other and not have to think about school or work.  We have time to laugh, to love, to inquire, to celebrate, and to be ourselves.  We have time to relax and be joyful (and maybe even have a glass of wine or slice of chocolate cream pie)."

I still have my "to-do list," but somehow it feels less important.  In a time where, lately, it feels like we're surrounded by feelings of scarcity and lack, I'm so glad we have a holiday that reminds us of our abundance.  Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and a happy day of gratitude!

This year our Cub Scout Pack helped out at a soup kitchen.  It felt good to be able to help sort food in the pantry and to be able to serve a yummy and nourishing meal.


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