Father's Day Recap


Celebrating Father’s Day in our house was like the Father’s Day celebration glamorized in the new ABC comedy The Middle. For anyone not privy to this show or episode, the whole episode was created to show the disparity between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. You see, when mothers celebrate Mother’s Day, they don’t have a chance to relax and stop being mothers. Instead, they’re still in charge of changing poopy diapers, getting the kids dressed and fed, etc. etc. However, when fathers celebrate Father’s Day, the day is all about them, and they get to have some good old fashioned playtime with the kids and without the kids…

Anyways, I know my husband had an enjoyable day, but I have to say that if I took a poll, I would admit the person who enjoyed this day the most was our Lil’ Lewie Jayden (L.L. Cool J.)

You see, the day started with watching Daddy open his present along with his special musical card. After one viewing of the card, Lil’ Lew was hooked. For the next hour, he laughed and squealed with delight as he continually opened and closed the card. Asking for the card back didn’t work. I finally had to pry it out of his little fingers, so that we could move on to our next adventures.

After the musical card, the fun progressed to taking a walk with Mommy in the stroller followed by a ride with Daddy on the large ride-on mower.

After a little snooze, it was time to visit the grandparents, Ninny and Papa, where he’s always fed special treats. After a yummy lunch, he got to play and experiment with a Slip N Slide for his very first time. This time he squealed with delight as he danced around in the water and watched his older cousin Sarah glide through the rain shower like a plane coming in for a landing.

After a busy afternoon with the Slip N Slide, it was back home for a delicious dinner, followed by more playtime and storytime with his favorite books, Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown and In My Little Blue Bed by Claire Henley.

Father’s Day officially ended for Lil’ Lew as he snuggled up in Daddy’s lap and slowly felt his eyes get heavier and heavier until he drifted into a sound sleep from the rocking motion of the recliner. Ahhhh, what a perfect day, indeed.

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