Friday Fun Flick: Daddy's Size 14 Shoes Are Hard to Fill!


A few weeks ago, I showed footage of my little guy scuffing around in my heels.  It was hilarious to watch him and hear him clippity clapping all over the kitchen floor.  I was quite impressed.

My little guy, of course, also has a fascination with Daddy's shoes, that is...Daddy's very large size 14 shoes.  If some of you are unfamiliar with this size, let me give you a brief highlight.
  • We usually have to go to special stores to buy his shoes. (Most large chains like JC Penney's and Sears do not carry his size).
  • Just one shoe alone, feels like a 2 pound weight.  If it's a work boot, then it feels more like a five pound weight.
  • Just one pair of shoes fills up an entire duffel bag.  Thus, I usually limit the number of shoes my husband is allowed to pack on a trip.
  • His shoes make his suitcases very heavy--sometimes making us pay extra on a plane flight because his baggage exceeds the allowed weight limit. 
With that said, my little guy still insists on walking in his shoes, which means, in all honesty, he is one strong little boy!


  1. That is adorable, I love it! Scotty loves walking in mine and Scott's shoes too :) I had to hide my winter boots from him, otherwise he won't let me use them!

  2. Wow! Those are pretty big shoes to fill. Lil Lewie looks hilarious, like the little reindeer ornaments with bean bag feet that can "sit up" on the mantle over the fireplace with their feet dangling down. He must be strong to slolam in those shoes!

  3. Man, he can really get around in those shoes! Georgia likes to walk in Jeremy's shoes too, but she can't lift them off the ground like Lewie can. I love seeing videos of him - it's like getting to see a whole new side of your blog! :)

  4. You won over at! Yippee! Please send me your mailing address to

    ps. Your blog is darling!

  5. Very cute videos. -Found you b/c you were a "surprise feature." -Congrats!

  6. So cute! My little one loves walking around in shoes as well. Seeing her walk in my heels is good stuff. Hope your doing well

  7. Annette your little one is so adorable! It is really cute to see! Little Chick loves to put on my heals. When she was little I was amazed at how she walked around better than I did. Thank you for being there for me my friend. It has been a difficult time and the worry has really taken a lot out of me. It is really nice to know that my bloggy friends like you are giving me such support. Have a good night!

    Mama Hen

  8. There is something that is just too cute about a little guy walking around in his daddy's shoes! Adorable!

  9. Lewie is so adorable. He REALLY is strong. Size 14 is no joke! Speaking of jokes, I cannot believe no one has piped in with a, "ya know what they say about big feet..." I have giant feet myself (10.5) so I think it's clearly a sign of intelligence...or at least a sign of big socks.


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