Monday's Mommy Moment: The No Monster


Has my two year old learned anything at daycare?  Well, I guess this is kind of a loaded question.  I get a report card every day that lets me know how he did.  Here's an example from last week:

Daily Journal

Participated in the Following Activities:
(The activities below were checked off...)
*  Sensory
*  Story
*  Music

Outdoor Experiences:
(The activities below were checked off...)
*  Glider
*  Balls/hoops
*  Bikes
*  Slide

Played in these Areas of Interest:
(The activities below were checked off...)
*  Sand
*  Doll Care
*  Light Table
*  Dramatic Play
*  Science Tubes
*  Puppets

Then I get a report of how much he ate for his morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack, followed by a log of the time he fell asleep for his nap and the time he woke up.  Finally they let me know about his saturated pee pee diapers and poopy diapers (a.k.a. bowel movements).

It's a very thorough report, and his day usually sounds like it is much more active than when he is home with me.  I'm sure he's learning a lot and gaining tons of new experiences, but at the moment, the only thing that seems to have really changed in the past two months is his vocabulary.  Oh no, you see...he hasn't learned how to say a lot of new words.  He still enjoys his "baby talk."  No, he's only learned one particular word and that word is "NO!" 

Yes, since his second week at daycare, my little boy has turned into the "NO" monster.  Before if he didn't like something, he would shake his head, but now he's learned how to say a very loud, clear, articulate, vocal "NO!"  Yes, this word is the answer he gives me for most of my questions.

Me:   "Lewie, do you want to wake up?"
Son:  "NO!"

Me:   "Lewie, do you want something for breakfast?"
Son:  "NO!"

Me:  "Let's sing a song together."
Son:  "NO!"

Me:  "Do you want to go outside?"
Son:  "NO!"

Me:  "Do you want Mommy to read you a book?"
Son:  "NO, NO, NO!"

Okay, I could continue, and in fact, this goes on for most of my day, so I could write about our "no" conversation for the next ten hours, but I don't want to bore you. In most cases, "no means no," but sometimes his "no" is really a "maybe."  It's difficult to decipher the meaning of all the "no's" and at times, it's downright exhausting.

If I ask him a question, and he doesn't yell "no" then usually I've hit the jackpot.  I've learned that the absence of  "no" really means "yes," and so silence in this house is sometimes welcomed over the sea of "no's."

Yes, oh yes, my little boy loves to yell "NO!"  It will be interesting to see what other little treasure he learns from daycare or other children in the months to come...

"Do you want to finish picking apples Lil' Lewie?"   ...Pause..."NO!"


  1. I'm right with you on No being the word of the day. Georgia can't seem to say it enough, even when she doesn't really mean it! Unfortunately, I think it's an age thing - hopefully the No stage passes quickly!

  2. Oh... NO :( Our annoying word of the moment is DOWN, said in a shrill demanding tone. Repeatedly. It's quite lovely. At least DOWN can't be used as frequently as NO, so I will consider myself very lucky for the moment, though I am sure it's only a matter of time!

  3. My daughter turned into the NO monster on her second birthday. This gave me great insight into how bad the terrible two's were going to be with her!

    They were bad!

  4. Luckily Avery hasn't learned the word no yet but she loves to shake her head no at me all the time. I'm just waiting to hear it though! I think it's a phase that they all go through, hopefully it won't last too long!

  5. Yes, it is a trying phase. Have you considered that he is extra tired and needs to go to bed earlier? Our boy was acting like that and the earlier bedtime has helped a lot. They get tired from all that playing at daycare!

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  7. My twins are 3 and are still really into "NO!" - that is a very annoying word. :)

    I am a new follower of yours from the blog hop!

    You have a really great blog here.

    Please stop by and follow back when you get a chance. :-)


  8. Thanks for linking up on Mom Blog Monday! We're the featured blog of the week so we wanted to stop over to say hello! We look forward to following along with you and hope you'll do the same!

  9. I have an award for you over at my blog.

  10. What an adorable little boy! I bet all those 'no' 'no' can get annoying, but gosh he is cute :)

    My youngest is 20-months old, and his favorite word is THIS, pronounced "dish" "dish." Everything is "dish."

    Love your blog!

  11. Ooh, I hate no, don't you? Scotty has started pushing me a bit on this again lately. And he negotiates if we say no. Drives me a little bonkers!


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