Friday Fun Flick: An Unexpected Winter Adventure


Yesterday I had the grand idea of taking Little Lewie to our park to play in the snow.  I had daydreams of us romping in the snow, throwing snowballs, making snow angels, and then playing in the parking lot with little Lewie's new toy--his one mile per hour ATV. 

The excursion sounded innocent enough, but it actually turned out nothing like expected.  First, Little Lewie outright refused to put on gloves or mittens.  Without his cooperation, I knew our frolicking in the snow would be limited...even more, I knew our outside time would be limited, too.

First we attempted to ride his ATV around the parking lot...

However, since the parking lot was not cleared well, his little vehicle kept getting stuck in the snow, and then of course, without gloves, Little Lewie's hands were too cold...

Then we attempted to romp in the snow...To my disappointment, none of our snow anywhere is light and fluffy.  Instead, it's coated with a hard, outer shell of ice.  Even at 40 lbs., Little Lewie's weight could not help him break through this shell.  I couldn't believe it!  My little guy was walking completely on the top surface of about 18 inches of snow.  Just when I pulled out my camera to record the event, Little Lewie slipped on the snow/ice, which made me realize that yes, even trying to walk in the snow (or on the snow) was not a good idea.

So are there any good parts of this adventure, you might ask?  The best part, unexpected to me, was the end... We needed to warm his poor little hands and nose up, so I had him climb in the front car seat with me so we could both warm up with the heat on us full blast.  He took the opportunity to sneak his little behind in the driver's seat so he could play with my lights, windshield wipers, horn, and most exciting of all, radio.  Yes, he didn't have fun outside, but he sure enjoyed warming up in the car...I suppose it doesn't matter where the fun comes from just as long as we're having fun...


  1. Too Cute! I also have a child who hates to bundle up so I can totally understand!

  2. The videos are so cute! My daughter waits until her hands are really cold before she wants mittens also. It is fun to drive a big car! I think there will be more snow coming next week. Hope you are well my friend!

    Mama Hen

  3. Awwwww. That's adorable! I love the second video. He starts picking up some steam then..wooop! Icy snow is the worst. You can't frolic or play in it. It reminds me of when I was little and we got a lot of snow. My brothers and I decided it would be a good time if we put our sled on the stairs and slid down the stairs, out the front door, off the porch and into the snow. You can imagine how that went. :) At least you got to have a lil fun.

  4. You never know what an outing can hold with a toddler in tow! Everything is an adventure.

  5. He totally knows what he's doing behind that wheel. Turning the wheel like a pro and adjusting the music - what a kid. Too cute!

  6. I'm visiting from the blog hop. Cute videos! Your son is precious--I see why you "lost your mind" :)

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