Lewie's Pal


Little Lewie received lots of wonderful gifts this Christmas...dancing trucks; a realistic sounding drill gun; an ATV he can ride (though it goes like one mile per hour--thank goodness!); an entrance way with a door, doorbell and light switch that really work; and even his own personal laptop (that would even connect to his own email address--like I'm going to create an email for a two year old...um...no.)

Anyways, these toys are not Little Lewie's favorite...they don't even come close.  Little Lewie's favorite toy in the whole wide world is Mr. Mouse.  Who is Mr. Mouse you ask?  Well, let me introduce you...

Mr. Mouse is shy, playful, funny, and oh yeah, he's also a handmade puppet.  He wasn't a Christmas present...in fact, he wasn't a present at all.  He was my toy from the 70's that made its way down from the attic and into my mom's living room.  One day she introduced Mr. Mouse to Little Lewie, and they've been best pals ever since.

You see, Mr. Mouse will play hide-and-go-seek, he'll chase Little Lewie around the house, he'll encourage Little Lewie to finish his dinner, he'll help Little Lewie clean up, and he'll even take a nap when Little Lewie is tired.  If Mr. Mouse doesn't show up in the morning or afternoon, you better believe we'll hear about it.  "Mouse, Mouse," Lewie will say again and again.  Then, he will physically drag me to Mr. Mouse or, better yet, bring Mr. Mouse right to me.  If he's on my mom's side of the house, then he'll insist that we go there to retrieve him.

Yes, Mr. Mouse, which wasn't my favorite toy when I was little, has become Little Lewie's favorite treasure of all time.  Who knew a little boy and a little mouse could become best friends?


  1. Oh how wonderful! I love hearing about how much love a puppet can get! :) Sometimes the simply things really are the best aren't they? Thanks for sharing!



  2. Awwwww. I love Mr. Mouse. That's sweet. And how funny, he has all those hi-tech, super expensive toys and he chooses Mr. Mouse. It's the quintessential example of how when you give a child a toy, he'll play with the box. Hehe. And seriously, email for a two year old. What....?

  3. Oh that's so sweet! Nate loves puppets, but we don't have anything so special in our house. Maybe I should get to work with an old sock ;)

  4. oh that's just precious :) Aren't kids funny about their fav toys! sometimes the most simple thing, can keep them busy for HOURS!

  5. That sounds like a title for a children's book! I love it...it's so sweet!

  6. Oh I love Mr. Mouse. I think we need him at our house. Cute!


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