My life with a two year old is full of misunderstandings.  For example, this video clip is a short blurb of my little boy getting upset with me because I put his favorite blanket in the wash.

Now he's seen me take clothes out of the wash and put them in the dryer hundreds of times, but he still doesn't have the ability to rationalize that his blanket will also go through the wash, go into the dryer, and come out clean and soft.  Oh, I try to explain to him that his blanket is "dirty" and needs to get "clean," but he still begs me, pleads with me, and then finally screams at me because he thinks I took his blanket away...in his eyes...perhaps forever.

Yes, examples of other misunderstandings include
  • when I take food away from my little guy because its hot.
  • when I take his binky away from him because it's only for "night-night."
  • when I take a wrapped present away from him because it's not his.
  • when I force gloves onto his hands when we go outside to play in the snow.
  • when I take fruit away from him at the grocerystore because we're supposed to buy it and wash it first.
  • when I make him take his "yucky" vitamins.
Everyday I can predict that we will go through at least six or seven of these types of misunderstandings.  Oh, I will do my best to try to explain why I make certain choices or decisions, but since my little guy still lacks real life experience or worldly understanding, my rationalizations often go over his head and spark temper tantrums of varying degrees.

I love this age and all the new challenges that come with it, but it's still difficult to be viewed as a "meanie" in the eyes of your child.  I'll admit that sometimes I'll give my little guy his dirty blanket back (and place it in the wash when he's not looking), or I'll sneak those yucky tasting vitamins into his food.  Other times, I'll just proceed with my decision, knowing that one day he'll start to understand my reasoning.  Whichever decision I make, at least I know, from the bottom of my heart, it was made with love.


  1. Sometimes I think it's my primary role to be the meanie with KLV. I just keep telling myself it's for her own good...

  2. We're in the same boat with the binky thing and its a small stuff dog not a blanket for us...here's the kicker...he'll be 3 in April lol.

  3. This is such a true post. There are so many misunderstandings with Georgia daily - why I make her take a nap, why she can't go outside when it's freezing and snowing, why I won't let her eat a bowl of crackers 30 minutes before dinner. I always come off as the meanie, but I'm trying to accept that I'll probably be the meanie for at least the next 18 years!

  4. I think Mom almost always seems to be the meanie in our house! It's hard when they are so little and still learning to process things...like how much time things take to wash.

    Someday you'll look at these videos and chuckle! Maybe he will, too!

  5. ah, don't we hate being the "bad guys"?! but its something we've gotta do and seems like you're doing a great job of it :)

  6. Oh, I hate being the meanie! It's so tough. And why won't they wear those mittens?! WHY do they insist on subjecting their hands to frostbite? I will never understand. I literally have to restrain Nate's arms sometimes to get him to take his vitamins. No fun at all!

  7. Awwww. Well, you're taking care of your baby boy and that's all that matters. And you're totally not a meanie, he just doesn't know it yet. I'm not the "meanie" yet, but I'm sure I will be. And I'm sure I'll feel the same way. I've kind of accepted that eventually she'll get mad at me and I'll be the "bad guy." It's one of the things you take on when you become a parent, as well as less sleep, less "me" time, and more stress. And that's why we're awesome, because we do take it on and make the decisions that are right, but make the babies angry.

  8. It took a while for Scotty to get over it when I would wash Moo...and we have 3! He seemed to realize that though, and if he didn't have all 3 he'd get mad! We currently have two in the wash since he's sick and he's got the other in bed with him. I think we may FINALLY be over the freak out when I was one!


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