Monday's Mommy Moment: More than Just Dinner


I remember cooking dinners just for my husband and me.  Life was easy then.  I only had to appease two different pallets, and I could almost always guarantee that everything would be enjoyed and eaten--leftovers too.  Now, to say that dinnertime with our two year-old is different in an understatement.  It's turned from a time of good food and conversation to a circus three-ring act.  You see, my little boy has turned from this extraordinary eater to this picky, semi-obnoxious dinner companion.  (You know the kind of person in restaurants that keeps sending their food back.)

Every once in a blue moon, (Have you ever seen a blue moon?  Yeah, me neither.) my little boy will actually eat everything quietly on his plate.  However, for the most part, dinnertime for us has become a circus side show, full of entertainment and surprise.  Usually I can usually expect one of two different demeanors.

Playtime. Yes, this is when my little boy decides it's more fun to play with his food than eat it.  In this mood, he's been know to...
  • Dump all his chocolate milk onto his tray and pretend like he's finger painting.
  • Notice that his "rubber type" spoon has a little spring action to it, and use it to make flying catapults of carrots, mashed potatoes, and anything else.
  • Create his own recipes by mixing say--salmon, yogurt, milk, and rice together.
  • Start drumming on his tray to see what he can knock off his plate.
The Revolt.  In this mood, my little boy suddenly thinks he's the royal prince, and I am his lowly servant.  He decides what he's going to eat, how much, and when he prefers his dessert.  In this mood, he's been known to...
  • Push all his food away, threatening to send it hurling right off his tray.
  • Spit food out, or worse--scrape the food off his tongue with his hands because he finds it just that revolting.
  • Yell "NO", and then demand his two favorite foods--"cookies" and "toast".  
  • Forcefully keep his mouth sealed shut so that we can't try and feed him.
  • Place his arm in front of his mouth to create an extra barrier of making sure the food can't get in.
  • Close his eyes and pretend like he's sleeping so that we can't feed him.
Yes, my little boy has really turned into that unsatisfied customer that's never happy with his food.  Even when I think I have made a food that he likes, he'll pick it up, survey it, and flat out reject it.  My only hope is that over time, he'll learn to enjoy eating more foods and dinnertime can be about good food and conversation once more... 


  1. Ah, the joys of toddler eating. I hope that for your sake this phase passes by quickly!

    (Love that picture, by the way. He sure looks like a cute but not-so-happy dinner companion!)

  2. ha, you've summed that up perfectly! I love when I FINALLY sit down to eat with my husband and two boys, and then both boys need my attention IMMEDIATELY, they'll need napkins, a new fork/spoon, more water...something, and then I sit down and my food that I've prepared its FREEZING cold! hahahaha, gotta love Mommyhood!

  3. There are days when feeding GG makes me want to pull my hair out!

  4. I am following you from Monday hops. Hope you can stop by, follow, and become a loyal reader.
    Blog looks great!
    Stay Fabulous

  5. Oh my gosh, I completely understand what you mean. I feel like we go through the same food moods at our house with our son. Its amazing how they can eat great one night and the next they are throwing it and spitting it out refusing to eat.

  6. Noooo! I'm sorry dinner has become so exciting. Not the good kind of exciting, but the kind of exciting you want to avoid. Me thinks it's some kind of phase?? Would it be wrong to laugh? Some of those things just sound hilarious. I'm sure they weren't when they happened, but reading them paints such a picture. I can't relate quite yet as Lil hasn't started solids, but you can bet you'll hear about it when I can. After all, we're all getting through the madness together.

  7. I feel like cooking is a lot of work for so few people and one that is not going to eat. Then there is the cleaning the mess. Ha! I have to say that my daughter has always been pretty good about eating things and as she got older she became picky about vegetables. I have not seen a blue moon yet either. We are getting more snow! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  8. Ahh, dinner time. Used to be my favorite time, now as soon as I sit it becomes a race to eat, get 'stuff' for klv and disciplinarian - yuck! Somedays I wonder why I make a fuss. The joys of toddlerhood, right?!

  9. I wanted snow. I am not a fan of all this ice and yucky wet slush. I hope you are staying bundled my friend! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  10. Been there done that. Only now with my children ages 11,9, and 4 are meal times reasonably enjoyable and non-combative! Good Luck!

  11. Ooh, yes, I remeber those days! Good thing he's so darn cute :)

    Take heart, this is the way they explore their food. He won't always be throwing, spitting, and smashing food together. Take lots of pics and good luck :)


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