Monday's Mommy Moment: Snow Swinging


After our fifth winter storm this year, our yard and sidewalks looks like this:

The back of our house .

Our narrow pathway up to the garage.

I desperately wanted to take Little Lewie outside to play in the snow, but what could we do?  The snow was too high for sledding, snowmen, or snow angels.  The walkways were too icy for running or playing with his ride-on toys.  Yes, I ran out of ideas, but my little boy didn't...

"Look at me Mommy!"

"I LOVE swinging in the snow!"
Little Lewie grabbed my hand and pulled me to the swings.   I had to help him walk through the snow first of course, and it wasn't very easy for me either.  Technically, with the snow's height, Little Lewie should have disappeared all together and the snow, for me, should have come up to my waist.  Instead, I was amazed to learn that neither one of us actually sunk to the bottom.  Instead, we sunk in the snow equally--and that is, to our upper thighs.

Once we finally got to the swing set, I brushed the snow off his seat with my lovely dishtowel (that's in the first two pictures), and then, for the first time ever, Little Lewie walked up to the swing, turned around, and sat down.  Normally the swing is about 3 feet above the ground, but now it was only a few inches from the snow floor.  It was an interesting experience, but even with just an inch between the bottom of his feet and the snow, Lewie was still able to swing.  Sure I had to stand thigh high deep in snow as I pushed him, but it was worth it to see that happy ear-to-ear grin light up his face.

Yes, if it were up to boring and 'practical' mom over here, we probably would have stayed in the house another day.  Thank goodness for Little Lewie's ability to 'think outside the box'.


  1. I love your snow pictures! Our house looks pretty much the same over here - snow everywhere, and tons of it!
    Good for you for getting Lewie out and about, and it looks like playtime was a complete success. It's amazing isn't it, the things we're willing to do for a cheap grin from the 2 year old? Stay warm; another foot is supposed to drop this week!

  2. Oh so cute! Isn't amazing how difficult it is to come up with stuff in this mess?! By the way - Nate's not so great with the gloves either. He'll only wear them if I tell them it's mandatory for playing in the snow...then he gets distracted once he's in play mode. But if I want to go for a walk - forget it. Gloves go flying. UGH!

  3. OH SO SWEET! He's having a great time, Mommy! Love the snowy pictures...and my gosh, look how much snow?! Amazing! Here in Texas, we have a 40% chance of snow on Friday, we're all crossing our fingers, because today was 80 degrees!

  4. That's so cool! The pictures of the snow and Lewie playing are very nice.

  5. He looks very happy! KLV won't wear a coat or gloves so Lewie is doing better than her. Glad he's enjoying your winter wonderland

  6. That grin is priceless. What a clever boy you have! And Goodness, just seeing all that snow makes me want to go outside and make an ice angel. Well, ok, not really. We have ice. Ya'll have snow. Jealous over here. But I'm sure you're about done with the snowpocalypse. At least your little isn't over it yet. :)

  7. Nothing can stop you! That is an amazing amount of snow!

  8. I am getting tired of shoveling! Today I was on a ladder for two hours trying to get snow off of my roof. It is starting to drip into my kitchen window! Yikes! Our walkway looks like yours. We have not been able to go sledding because we can't get to the backyard. The snow is up to my daughters waist. Great pictures on the swing! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  9. Just a heads-up that I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award! Check it out at


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