Monday's Mommy Moment: My Two Year-Old's First Art Exhibit


My little boy is constantly learning new things at daycare.  He does music and movement, art projects, storybook projects, and nutrition name a few.  Well, since his daycare is part of our local community college, his time there will be ending in one short month.  (This means I have to secure summer daycare for him with someone else, but it also means that this last month is jam packed with extra special events--some to show off all the projects he has been working on for the past school year and some for pure entertainment value.)  For example, this Tuesday, a children's author will be coming to Little Lewie's class to tell the children about writing a book, and then she will autograph any books that we buy.  Next Wednesday, I've been invited to Little Lewie's first "book presentation", where he will present the storybook and illustrations he's been working on all year.

This past week, however, Little Lewie had a chance to show off his art work at his very first art exhibition. We received a special announcement in the mail, which said his work would be displayed out on the fifth floor walkway, not far from the college cafeteria. Sure enough, Little Lewie's art work, along with the seven other students in his classroom and the twenty some students in the preschool classroom, was hanging up with his picture. While the teachers did not post their names, they did, however, write descriptions about each student.  Here are some pictures of the "gallery":

Here are Little Lewie's "masterpieces".  (Definitely reminds me of Picasso...)

Here are some other "exquisite" art pieces from other students.  The second one is a
sculpture made out of shredded paper.

And finally, here we are admiring his fabulous work.

It's official.  This will now be the first of many functions for Mommy to go to and be a cheerleader for her little boy.  I don't suspect this will stop until he's graduated from college.  Oh, as far as I'm concerned, I hope it never stops...


  1. SUCH GREAT WORK LEWIE!!! Cool that they made it so much like a museum of artwork!

  2. This is just too adorable. I love the thought they put into Little Lewie's description. It sounds like you really lucked out with such a great place for his first daycare experience!

  3. That is so cute! He must be so proud.


  4. Very picasso, I agree. That sounds like an amazing program! And oh my goodness, Lewie is so cute! He looks tickled pink that you two are there admiring his work. :)

  5. Yay Lewie! That is so neat, I love it. I have been saving some of Scotty's "artwork" that we do at home. I'm a packrat like my dad, but I hope someday to have a playroom again so I can display it! It's so neat to see what they come up with!


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