Father's Day 2011


Now that Little Lewie is getting older, he's starting to understand the concept of holidays a little more.  And yes indeed, his little mind is catching on fast--he knows holidays are all about family, friends, presents, and CAKE (his favorite). 

This week, we started celebrating Father's Day by making presents and buying a special card.  He made his own special present for Daddy at daycare, and then on Friday, we went to a cute little children's art studio called the Giggling Pig, where Little Lewie and his friend had a chance to make special wooden picture frames and finger paintings for their daddies.

The only problem was...

Lewie's friend Ryan being attentive and ready for his art project.

Lewie deciding he'd rather play with the toy blocks in the corner.

Lewie deciding that he really, really LOVES knocking down the blocks.

Lewie watching Mommy make Daddy's picture frame from afar.

So, ahem...the only problem was that Lewie didn't want to do any art projects.  Both the picture frame and the finger painting captured his attention for point nine seconds.  After that, he played with blocks and the doors to both the art studio and the bathroom.  When I suggested he sit down to help me, he decided to do the complete opposite; instead, he ran around in circles trying to get his friend Ryan to chase him.  It, to say the least, didn't work out quite exactly as planned, but at least Daddy received a present made from Mommy's TLC.  (I didn't include a picture of it because you'd laugh at my extreme lack of artistic talent.)

The one gift, however, that Daddy received that was created by Little Lewie was his Father's Day card.  I bought a special Hallmark card that lets you record your own message, so after only two tries, I managed to get Little Lewie to say, "I love you Daddy," and "Happy Father's Day."  I'm not sure how long these cards last, but I thought it'd be great if Daddy could save the card all the way until Little Lewie becomes a grown adult.  It'd be so much fun to listen to his little two year-old voice again one day. 

On Father's Day, Little Lewie had the joy of spending the day with the other two Lew's in his life--Papa Lew and Daddy Lew.  Indeed, I was happy to capture a picture of the three generations of Lew's.  The reality is that Papa Lew continues to be a walking miracle.  In his lifetime he has survived two bouts with throat cancer, Mesothelioma, a heart attack, and as of only a month ago, several strokes.  (We are still in awe at how well he is getting around when his doctors thought he wouldn't be able to speak, let alone walk!)

Lewis, Sr., Lewis, Jr., and Little Lewie Jayden
Yes, Father's Day is a day to celebrate with friends and family, open presents, and have cake.  The only thing that could have made it more fun for Little Lewie would have been the chance to blow out candles.  (Little does he know that he will be doing that in only a few short months--yes my little guy will be turning three--gulp!)


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful Father's Day! And he'll be turning 3 that quickly? It's insane how fast it goes, isn't it? Scotty turns 4 a week from tomorrow!

  2. What a wonderful father's day you guys had! I love that you finished Lewie's picture frame; that's what I would have done too. I also really like that you did the voice recording on the card. It's not something I thought of, but I'm thinking I'm going to do that next time. My parents have a cassette tape (how old do I feel!) of me "reading" The Night Before Christmas when I was Georgia's age. It was always so neat to me to hear my voice from when I was so small.

  3. I would have finished it too...no biggie :) My son doesn't like stuff like that either and he's almost 5!

    WOnderful father's day!!

  4. I'm sure John would have had the same idea about the blocks in the corner :)

  5. KLV would have done the same thing. Painted for a minute then go explore somewhere else. Great picture of the 3 generations!

  6. I love the generational picture. Good lookin' fellas! I love the recordable card idea. It'll be precious to hear when he's in his irritable teen years. ;) Little Lewie's doing his own thing, which I guess doesn't include art projects. Eh, well. Gotta pick your battles...I'm learning that one right now as we speak. Lilly is already becoming a master at getting what she wants. Ha!

  7. The pictures are great! The last one is one you should frame. Little Lewie is an explorer! :) That is great! He will have plenty of time in the future to sit and do art projects. Right now his blocks are more interesting! Ha! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather! have a great day myfriend!

    Mama Hen

  8. LOL! That would so be Avery! It seems that whenever I have a great plan for a gift or craft she wants nothing to do with it. Ugh! The card sounds so cute though, what a great idea and something so special to hold on to!


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