Silly Antics


My little guy makes me belly laugh at least once a day--sometimes by the things he says, sometimes by what he does, or sometimes because he is deliberately trying to entertain me and make me laugh.  (Yes, my little two year old likes to tease me and is a practical joker...already.  Gulp.)

Anyhow, this week two things happened, which I need to document before the moment and memory of them fade.  They were, of course, two things that made me laugh so hard I almost couldn't catch my breath.

Scenario 1:  My mom and I decided to take Little Lewie to the mall for a special trip.  He likes to go on the kiddie rides, and even more, he LOVES to push the buttons and go up and down the elevator.  (Yes, anyone who's been following my blog for almost a year now knows how much this kid loves elevators.  It's been a fascination of his for almost a year, and there's still no sign of him letting up...)  My mother's car is older, and we still don't know quite how to make the back window baby proof.  So, as you can imagine, a toddler that loves buttons, absolutely adores making the window go up and down in the back seat.  When we pulled into the diner parking lot, he put down his window and shouted "Hi" to a few people talking outside their car.  They stopped and laughed at how friendly my little guy is.  It was almost as if he was trying to pick them up. 

Then as we pulled up to a red light, a guy (probably in his twenties) was sitting in his Mustang convertible with the top down.  Little Lewie decided to put his window down once more and yell out to him.  It sounded like he said, "Nice car."  The guy didn't expect someone to yell a compliment to him from such close proximity and literally almost jumped out of his car.  (I swear my little guy was a comedian in his former life.)

Scenario 2:  Three days after seeing such a beautiful rainbow by our house, we had a terrible thunder storm with such strong winds that a tree in our front yard smashed down on our house.  (Oh yes, it looks like we have several thousand dollars worth of damage!)  Little Lewie was napping at the time and didn't quite know what happened.  The very next morning I told him if he steps outside the house, he's going to see that a tree fell down.  He went outside, picked up a thick stick, brought it in the house and said, "Mommy...fall down tree...fall down tree." 
      "Oh no Lewie," I remarked, "that's not the fallen down tree..."  I led him to the front of the house and pointed to it.  The look on his face was priceless.  It was almost as if he said, "Holy Sh*t!"  He surveyed it from all angels, and after a few minutes, he looked at me and said, "It's fine, Mommy.  It's fine." 

Kind of the look he made when he saw the "real" fallen down tree.

The lovely tree.  This is shot # 1 for our house insurance.

Another shot of the tree.  I was so eager to get a picture that the storm
was still rumbling in the background as I took it; if you look close to
the TV, you'll see that the news is still tracking the storm with all the
bright red, yellow, and oranges.
Needless to say, the taking down of the tree is definitely going to be the excitement for the weekend.  He's already had the pleasure of meeting two tree guys, and in just a few short days, the guys are going to be out here with their bucket truck, the rope pulleys, and chainsaws.  As long as he doesn't open the window on the second floor and startle them by saying "hello" or "nice saw," we should be fine!


  1. Awwww! Haha... you'll feel better once it's down... what a cutie!

  2. He sounds so cute and funny :) I love moments like these, when you realize just how much is really going on upstairs for them already! But so sorry about your house!!!

  3. I know what you mean about not having guests over while they are really little! (This is in response to the comment you left me, in case you forgot) ha ha

  4. oh my goodness, big ol tree! He sounds HILARIOUS!!!

  5. Oh no! Glad no one was hurt. Hope insurance takes good care of you. His face is totally priceless.

  6. Little Lewie is so cute! I bet he made everyones day with how friendly he was! I am sorry about the tree. I hope insurance will help. That storm was pretty bad. My sister lost electricity for days. I am glad no one was hurt. I hope you are well my friend! Just keep having Little Lewie make you smile each day and you will get through this. Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  7. Ech...Thank goodness for insurance. I'm sorry that happened to your house. We've had a few close calls and it happened to a family on our street, except it actually sliced through part of their house and landed on their headboard. Hurricanes are nasty. I think I would have about died if I had seen the guy in the mustang. Ha! And thank goodness for Little Lewie. He's such a special little guy. :)

  8. Ha ha ha, I can just picture the guy in the mustang jumping :) That is too funny about the windows. We have the same problem in my father in law's suburban, no window locks and Scotty likes to roll the windows down on the freeway!

    I hope you get the tree taken care of without too many headaches! We had a tree fall in our backyard during a windstorm one BARELY missed our fence and our back door. Yikes! I can't imagine having it fall on my house and not freaking out!


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