All Aboard!


I'm not sure when Little Lewie's fascination with trains may have been when we went on the trackless train ride at the may have been when we visited a little friend of his that had a Thomas the Train wooden train table.  All I know is that Little Lewie has been fascinated by them ever since...It's so much fun to hear him yell, "Choo choo!  Choo choo!" (especially while riding the train at the mall and waving to shoppers).

Since Little Lewie's third birthday is coming up on August 11th, I decided I could either have an elevator party (his other great fascination in life) or a choo choo train party.  Since elevators are hard to come by, we opted for the easier train theme.  I'm still trying to see if I can secure a trackless train for his birthday pary, but in the meantime, we already decided to buy him his birthday gift--his very own train table.  The Thomas the Train wooden tracks and train sets are pretty expensive (even the used ones on eBay), but we did find an awesome Imaginarium train table at Toys "R" Us on clearance for under $100.

Last Sunday, we decided to center the day around getting his present.  Since Toys "R" Us will not deliver the table, we had to use the store locater to find a store that had the item available for pick-up.  The closest store wasn't even in our state, so we opted to drive to Yonkers, NY (an hour and 15 minute drive from our house) to get it.  My husband wasn't thrilled about the idea of driving so far at first, but once we got the table and came home, our little boy's excitement made up for the long ride.  He was such a good boy during the car ride, and he couldn't be happier when Daddy put together his table. 

Here are some highlights from our day including a fun video showing Little Lewie tackling the box and yelling "Choo choo":

One excited little boy!

Giving a thumbs up!

Looking for an opening...

Playing with his train set before Daddy is even finished...

Poor Daddy still trying to put together the thousands of pieces...

Proof that our long trip for the train set was well worth the wait!


  1. oh my gosh, he looks SOOO Happy :)

  2. What an awesome train table! It is so fun to give your kid something that they are so excited about - they smile on his sweet little face is priceless :) Happy almost birthday Lewie!

  3. What an adorable little guy you have!! That is definitely the perfect gift for a three year old boy!! Glad he loves it!
    Btw, I am your newest follower!=)

  4. That is a fantastic table!! And what a deal, too. I don't think there is anything more fun than seeing your kid beside themself with excitement. Your poor, poor husband with all of those pieces! Good thing that's a Daddy job, right? ;) I think I already told you that Nate and Lewie share a birthday. Yay for the birthday twins!

  5. Precious! There is just something about boys and trains :)

  6. Wonderful! Santa brought y daughter Thomas a few years ago and I have to say that the Thomas stuff is an investment. However, she plays with it all the time. This set you got Little Lewie is fantastic! What a great price. Enjoy it! He looks so happy! Have a great day my friend. Stay cool. This heat is unbelievable!

    Mama Hen

  7. My little guy is totally facinated with trains also! It's funny because I remember my cousin at age 5(he's 21 now)being totally into Thomas the Tank Engine and now my son is. =)

    Great set you got there!

  8. Great gift! He's definitely in love with his choo choo's

  9. Yay! Isn't it the best when you get them something they LOVE? Have fun at his birthday party, I'm hoping Scotty likes trains...we're going to the train museum in the next few weeks!


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