"Shopping Trip" to the Mall


I'm not sure how, but Mommy got her number one wish.  I always wanted to have a little boy or little girl that would become my shopping buddy.  So, when Little Lewie started mentioning that he wanted to go to the mall on a repetitive basis..."Mommy, go mall.  MOMMY, go mall!" I was tickled pink.  Words couldn't express the sense of gratitude I felt that I had a little boy that loved the mall just as much as me!

However, my little boy's love of the mall comes with certain conditions.  When we go, we have to ride the elevator at least a half a dozen times, we have to ride several of the 50 cent kiddie car rides, and we have to go on the trackless train ride.  Oh, a stop for ice cream usually has to be on the agenda too.  So, while Mommy may get about 30 to 40 minutes of shopping done...she spends the other 40 minutes to an hour satisfying Little Lewie's requests...

Here are a few fun videos of our most recent mall experience this week.  (I have to admit that I enjoyed satisfying Little Lewie's requests just as much as I enjoyed shopping!) 

 The trackless train ride!

The 'Get Your Red Hots' Ride

May you have a wonderful shopping experience with your toddler/s this weekend too!  :)


  1. how fun! Many more shopping trips in your future...YAY :)

    My youngest loves to shop but oldest HATES it!

  2. I love that. "Mommy, go mall!" Some how, I think Lilly will have those same requirements. I mean, who doesn't want to ride the elevator six times? Man, I want to go to the mall, now! Too bad the nearest mall is in ghetto-ville. Strip malls are popular here. Big, nice, strip malls. It's just not the same as a regular mall. Le sigh.. At least Little Lewie is a good shopping partner. I bet he's very helpful and picks out nice shoes to try on and such. ;)

  3. Yes, now shopping takes even longer, however, the items that you want to pick out must take mere seconds.

  4. Fun! Scotty HATES shopping...but he loves the mall! They have a huge play area at the big mall with boats and things to climb on. The smaller mall 5 minutes from our house has a zillion of the quarter machine rides and he LOVES those :)

  5. How cute! He's very smart to pull at your 'shopping strings' that way.


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