These Lazy Days of Summer


I love the summertime.  Simply put, I don't have to feel guilty about the endless hours of TV watching indoors.  No, but honestly, there's nothing more fun than going for a swim, relaxing under a tree with an ice cream cone, going for an evening stroll, enjoying a good old-fashinoned picnic, roasting marshmellows...etc. etc.

I'm happy to say that we've been enjoying the great outdoors.  Sure our work schedules sometimes get in the way, but over the last few days we've had a chance to take in some rays.  Here's some pictures from our last few adventures...

Swimming in Ninny and Papa's Pool

Happiness is swinging on the "Big Boy" Swing

Shark Attack?!

Getting some R&R on the beach with his pal Ryan.

Scoping the scene for chicks.

Searching for buried treasure.

Watching the campers across the lake.

"May we please have some ice cream?"

"Don't worry.  It's on me today."

Fast asleep. 


  1. Can you send some of that sunshine my way? We're on day 2 of rain...with more to come! Looks like you guys are having a beautiful summer!

  2. I'm so jealous. It's so stinkin' hot here that you can't do much outside without burning to a crisp. It looks like you all have had a fantastic summer thus far. I love the "Little boy wrecking crew" shirt. Ain't it the truth! And thank you for your sweet comments. You made me feel so much better about my craziness. ;)

  3. These pictures are too sweet - they look like the kind of summer days I remember from childhood. And your little guy is just so cute!

  4. So adorable Annette! I love summer days and the fun that comes with them. I love ice cream cones under a shaded tree and going for swims. It sounds like you have had some relaxing days. Have a great weekend my friend!

    Mama Hen

  5. Swimming is great and nothings says summer more than those ice cream cones! Love that last pic

  6. That is one thing nice about living in a place with 4 seasons; you enjoy the sun when it comes out. Here, it is hot all the time. Too hot actually :) I like how your 2 boys are zonked out at the end of your outing. That is always my favorite part. Hehehe. BTW,I just wrote about a new cookbook giveaway. Come on over to my blog:


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