First Trip to the Zoo


We have a small zoo in Connecticut called the Beardsley Zoo that's perfect for toddlers.  All the exibits can easily be seen within a few hours, and they have a huge carousel ride under a dome that completes the experience.  My mom and I wanted to bring Little Lewie to the zoo last year, but for some reason, it never happened.  He'd been to farms and petting zoos but nothing with lions, tigers, and bears...Oh my!  (Actually, this zoo had a tiger and a black bear but no lions...)

Little Lewie with my mom going through the wolf exhibit.

Any exhibit that was large, where you had to struggle to find the animals amidst the rocks and trees, Little Lewie showed no interest; he also could care less about anything in aquariaum tanks like fish, frogs, or snakes.  (I hope he stays like this--his father, as a teenager, used to own a large pet snake that he wrapped around his neck.) 

Little Lewie's favorite exhitibs were the owl, the Bald Eagle, and the tiger.  (The snack bar and sprinkler were other favorite exhibits.)  My favorite were the monkeys, and my mom's trusted favorite were the otters.

Lewie's favorite--the owl.  He stood by his cage for almost 20 minutes going "Who, who, who."

The Bald Eagle's Nest!
Finishing lunch and ice-cream with 'Ma'. 

Enjoying the sprinklers with his two new friends.

All in all, we had a wonderful day that ended with a fun carousel ride.  The best part of going to the zoo for me was learning how "good" my son could be...We had no meltdowns, crying fits, hitting episodes, or temper tantrums.  In fact, I brought his stroller thinking he'd probably have to be in it for most of the day, especially if he started getting brave and wanting to run off on his own.  Instead, my mom and I took him out and were amazed at the fact that he held our hand and stayed with us the whole time.  He waved hello to people and was really just the perfect little gentleman when it came to looking at the animals and letting others have their turn.  There's no little boy is growing up!

Me and my little boy.  He wanted to ride on the tiger!
(My mom's first time taking a picture with a digital camera-hee hee!)


  1. That sounds like a really nice day! Yay for toddlers behaving themselves :) We went to the zoo today too, and the carousel was a big hit for us too!

  2. love that last pic! Looks like a fun, little zoo trip!!!

  3. That's precious! I, too, would've chosen the tiger. Solid choice, Little Lewie. That zoo sounds like a blast, and I'm jealous that you have one so close by. Little Lewie sure is growing up. Bittersweet, right? I feel that way about Lilly. She's walking now and starting to talk. It kind of kills me. Any-who, random factoid, I used to work at a zoo-type place. I didn't want anything to do with the large exotics. I have a healthy respect for lions, tigers, and bears. Instead I had to avoid being kicked by baby zebras and bison babies. Ah, memories.

  4. We almost went to the zoo too. We were members the past couple of years. It is a great zoo that you can really see everything in a short time. My daughter loves the carousel! These pictures are great! E-mail me when you go again and we can meet you there! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  5. So much fun! Scotty likes the play area at the zoo...I love the zoo :) The carousel is always a hit too! And isn't it great when you no longer need the stroller and they don't run away? I love it!


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