Lewie's Choo Choo Party


This weekend has been a birthday party blur. We started out by celebrating Little Lewie's "real" birthday on Thursday by taking him for ice cream at Rich's Farm in Oxford. (They make homemade ice cream--Yum!)

On Saturday, Lewie had a family birthday party that started at five in the evening. Being a gorgeous day, the kids played outside on our trampoline while the adults congregated by the food and socialized. (There will be a blog post to come.)

On Sunday, we had the train party for Lewie and his friends scheduled at 2:30 in the afternoon. The focus was on hiring a "trackless" train to come give Lewie and all of his little friends rides around the house. While it poured on his special day, we were lucky to learn that the train conductor was still ready to come with his train and that all of the train cars had covers... So even though it was a sloppy day, everyone--kids and adults--still managed to have a fun day. Here are some highlights from his party:

"All aboard to Lewie's Choo Choo Train Party"

The Invitation

The Train (4 ft. wide by 30 ft. long)!

"Let's get this party started!"

Lewie's happy friends--well, at least most of them.

The Conductor

"Seatbelt check!"

"Here they come!"

Driving around the yard...

Little Lewie, Daddy, and Cousin Sarah

Now it's time for the adults to ride!

The Cake

Time to sing--Lewie's the first one to start singing Happy Birthday to himself.

A little help from Daddy to blow out the candles

All done--wish complete!

Time to open presents...

Lewie needs help from friends because he opens his presents a little too slowly.

Now it's Lewie's time in the driver's seat.

Ringing the bell.

"Ring, ring!"


  1. Looks like a total success! What great pictures and that train - what a hit

  2. Looks like it was so much fun!

  3. Looks like so much fun! And yay for pictures :) I'm horrible about taking pictures at Scotty's birthdays!

  4. what a fun party!! My little one had a choo choo b-day too! SO FUN!! I love the little train rides and how happy everybody looks on their ride :)

  5. Happy (belated) Birthday, Lewie! Looks like all of mom's hard work paid off. I can tell you had a ton of fun with Thomas the Train! Your cake looks delicious, too. Hope you enjoyed all of your special celebrations. Way to go, Annette!


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