First Amusement Park Adventure


My local mommy friends spent all summer long encouraging me to take Little Lewie to a small, local amusement park called Quassy.  To be honest, I considered it, but I thought the rides would be too advanced for my little guy, and the tickets would be too expensive.  After all, my first trip to Quassy Amusement Park (yes, it's been around that long) didn't happen until I was seven years-old.  Let me

"Did you take him yet?" My friends would ask impatiently.  "I'm telling you...he's the perfect age.  He's gonna love it!"

Well, it turns out that my mommy friends DO know what they're talking about.  After getting five gushing reviews about the place and how much their toddlers loved it, I decided maybe it wouldn't hurt if we checked it out before the summer ended.  My husband took a half day on Friday, and so we went during the week, when most children have already started back to school, and got to share the amusement park with only a few dozen people; it was great!

Having not been to the amusement park in quite some time, I was elated to see some of the old rides from my childhood and surprised to see some of the new rides.  Indeed, if the park seemed amateurish when I was a kid, the park looks like a "real" amusement park now with a "real" gated entrance, a "real" roller coaster, and a "real" map/layout of all the rides.

While there were definitely more advanced rides to satisfy the elementary school, middle school, and even high school crowd, there were also a dozen rides or more that were perfect for a three year-old.  It didn't take long for Little Lewie to remember riding the carousel or the little cars from experiences before, so when he saw both of these rides this time, he was tickled pink.   Even more, since we had the park mostly to ourselves, Little Lewie could choose to go on the same rides over and over again without even having to get off and wait in line.  We were spoiled--big time.

Here's a chronicle of some of the rides Little Lewie went on for his first amusement park adventure.  If he didn't exactly know what it meant to "go on rides" before, he certainly knows the phrase now.  I may have been seven years-old for my first amusement park experience but what can I say?  Three is the new seven.

The new, updated entrance gate to Quassy.

Lewie's first ride at the park.  I have to admit...the stairs made me nervous.

"Again Daddy.  Again!"

"Look.  I'm a sea captain!"

"Don't you love my shark torpedo!"

Lewie's first "big" ride and all by himself too!  (We weighed too much to go with him.)

"I guess that was fun.  Can I go on the cars again?"

On the choo-choo train.  We each had our own seat!

"Watch me drive!"

The three Muskateers.

Pure fun!
We definitely had a beautiful, fun-filled day at the park.  Probably my favorite experience, which I was having too much fun to capture on camera, was all of us going on the carousel together.  Each of us took a horse and hung on because this ride was fast!  The carousel is one of the original rides that existed when my husband and I were kids.  It definitely felt as if we went back in time.  Thank you for the advice mommy friends...we had the best time ever!


  1. Oh my goodness! What an awesome family adventure! :) Wish we had something like that here in Dallas. Isn't it so funny how things that once seemed huge as a kid seem so much smaller when you revisit them as an adult? Times they are a changin', no? Three is the new seven. Hehe! Glad that the family had such a wonderful time and you look great!

  2. That's so great! Looks like you ALL had a great time. It's hard to get out of our comfort zone with the toddlers because of meltdowns etc. Congrats on 'getting out there'.

  3. What a perfect sounding day! Good idea waiting until early fall... I'll have to remember that! We don't have an amusement park nearby anymore, but rumor has it there is a secret-ish kiddie park not too far from us with all toddler rides. Maybe we'll give it a shot! If Lewie's face in those pictures is any indication, we should go immediately!

  4. I'm so glad you went and had so much fun! I took our boy for the first time to our local amusement park and it was a blast. The lines were short, lots of rides for the little guys, and cheaper than going to the zoo!

  5. Your pictures captured a truly fun filled day for all of you! We have that frog hopper ride here at one of our small amusement parks and when my daughter was young that was always her favorite.

    Debbie-new follower
    Let Them Eat Cake-

  6. I love the pictures! It looks like a really fun day. I have not been to Quassy yet. I hope you are doing well Annette. Have a great day! Get those sweaters out. It is going to be a cool weekend. I love autumn!

    Mama Hen

  7. That looks like so much fun! We went to the fair yesterday and Scotty actually wanted to go on some of the bigger rides that went fast...he's much braver than I am :) Thankfully my dad was with us and took year? They plan to go on the fast roller coasters and spinning rides!


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