Little Lewie's First Day of Pre-School...(Yikes!)


Last Monday was Little Lewie's first official day of "Pre-School."  His days of daycare are now long gone.  While it's exciting to start him in a "school readiness" program, it's also a little bit intimidating...not for him...but for me.  The week before, we had an orientation, and I was already told that he would need to wear full blown underpants.  (No more pull-ups.)  Even more, besides getting him fully potty-trained, the pressure's on to get him better acquainted with his numbers and letters.  I'm proud that my little boy can count to thirty and, more or less, knows how to sing at least some of the alphabet song.  Still, now it's "GO" time.  Mommy is expected to work with him at home. 

So, the big first item on my agenda is to get my little guy potty trained.  While he's good about going pee pee on the potty, he's still shying away from the other.  He also still prefers going in his pull-up instead of telling me that he has to go...which means that both the ladies at pre-school and my family have to bring him into the bathroom at least every 20 minutes or so to make sure he stays dry.  I've bought a couple of cool aids (a book, DVD, and potty chart) to help me with the training.  I can't wait for them to arrive...

Yes, the milestones keep on coming...Last week was his first day of pre-school and his first time wearing big-boy underpants.  Who knows what this week will bring?!  I'll just work on trying to keep up with it all!

Little Lewie's first day of school--the day after Hurricane Irene. 
We had no power and were still picking up branches.

"Common Mommy"


"I'm growing up."

"Ready when you are..."  (Of course, I'm not ready...Oh, I'm still not ready.)


  1. So exciting! I'm sure he'll do fine and so will you! And it's amazing how quick they pick things up...they're like little sponges! Find some fun games to play with him to learn and if he's anything like Scotty he'll be in heaven :)

  2. Great pictures! That is so exciting! Hang in there mommy! He will do great! Look at that last picture. Have a great night!

    Mama Hen


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