Birthdays Galore!!


In my last post I mentioned how many birthdays we celebrated this month--eleven to be exact!  For all four weekends in a row, we had parties to celebrate both on Saturday and Sunday, and sometimes we even had two on the same day!  Since these parties are for both good friends and close relatives, I'm realizing that October will always be labeled as the birthday month for us!  Now, in all honestly, we probably won't have another party to celebrate until March!

The month of November is already shaping up to be baby shower month.  I have two for Saturday and one for Sunday...on the same weekend!  Sometimes I wish everything could be spaced out it would be nice to celebrate one birthday a month instead of eleven right in a row, but life doesn't work it's magic that way...  Sometimes it's either all or nothing!

Here are some random pictures from our birthday parties.  The kid birthday parties were the most fun; we went to a bounce barn, Chuck E. Cheese, a hall with a DJ, and a house party with face painting and balloon animals.  I need to diet from the amount of cake I ate this month.  Ugh!

My mom and I started the birthday month by celebrating ours together. 
(Hers in on the 8th and mine is on the 3rd.)

Wyatt's 3rd birthday at the Bounce Barn.

Lewie and I at the bounce barn.

The two Lews at the bounce barn.

Maya's 3rd birthday party at her home.

Lewie enjoying yummy cupcakes at Maya's birthday party.

Lewie's cousin Sarah celebrates her 6th birthday at Chuck E. Cheese.

Lewie patiently waiting for pizza.

Sarah, the birthday star!

Lewie's first driving arcade game.  (He looks way too excited about driving!)

On the merry-go-round.

Riding the mechanical horse...

"Slow down there fella."


  1. Happy birthday to all! That is wonderful to celebrate the greatest gift - life! I hope you are doing OK after that snow storm. We have no power and froze like popsicles last night. We are at my mom's right now trying to stay warm. I hope you are well! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  2. I love birthdays :) Happly birthday to all of you! LOVE that picture of you and your pretty!!!

  3. The amount of cuteness here is overwhelming. And jeez! None of that dieting stuff from you! You look great! :) I love all the pictures. And how exciting, having so many fun parties and events with all your friends. It sounds wonderful.

  4. I know I'm super late, but Happy Birthday to all! I thought our summers were bad, but 11 in one month? That's insane! We have 5 August and then 9 in September...I think September is our busiest month, and it's all family!


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