An Interesting Fall


It's been an interesting fall.  In most of September and October, we had much warmer weather than normal, which meant that are leaves stayed green and didn't fall off our trees.  (We definitely didn't have one of those gorgeous, colorful falls that New England is known for...)

Then, after a balmy 60 degree week of weather, we have a freak snowstorm, which brings 12 inches of heavy, sloppy snow.  (This October storm was definitely a record-breaker for the state of Connecticut since we usually don't see snow until late November or December.)

Now our weather is back in the 60's (unusually warm for November), and there are still leaves on the trees (also unusual).  The trees in our backyard and all over the state look sad and injured; many lost limbs because the snow was too heavy for their delicate branches.

So, our fall has looked something like this:

Pumpkin picking on the third week of October.

The March Farm pumpkin patch.

"I'm ready for a ride Daddy."

"I'm ready for a ride Daddy."

Our first snowfall...the last Saturday of October!

I'm so glad I bought the snowsuit and boots early this year.

"Look Mommy.  It's sticking to my glove."

The pumpkins from the March farm pumpkin patch.

"Time to build a snowman!"

This weekend was the cleanup.  We had large branches down in our front yard, side yard, and backyard.  While it was tough work to remove the branches, we did have fun.

1) My husband had the chance to go to Home Depot and pick out a brand new chainsaw.  (He was like a kid going to a candy store.)

2) Little Lewie enjoyed playing in the leaves.  In fact, he loved them so much that they became "Lewie's leaves."  I wasn't allowed to rake his leaf pile. 

3) We tied Lewie's plastic kiddy pool to the back of our mower.  It helped us move the large branches to our front yard.  (The town is supposed to come and pick up the branches.)  It also made a great ride.  It was like water tubing but without the water!

4) Lewie had fun taking pictures with our camera.  The last picture is either of me or our trampoline.  I'm not sure which one he was aiming for...






  1. New Chainsaw vs Candy Store - so funny how men react to things. Hope your weather continues to bring pleasant suprises.

  2. Looks like you're having fun outside as much as you can which is wonderful! Great pics!

  3. Oh, I need to get out in the yard too! I told John I'd get him his own little rake, but never found one that wasn't metal and scary... so I owe him some leaf piles. Lewie looks adorable playing in his leaves :)

  4. That looks like so much fun! I'm so excited for when Lilly is old enough to really enjoy doing those things. And I am very jealous of that snow. It looks fantastic. The last picture is my favorite. :) I'm going to say that he was going for you.

  5. oh my goodness, snow on pumpkins?? Hard to even imagine that here in our 80 degree temps in Texas :( Looks like fun!


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