Lewie-isms Continued...


My little boy talks A LOT.  To think that I made him watch Baby Babble videos again and again to increase his vocabulary now seems quite funny.  A year ago I was concerned that he wasn't speaking enough.  Today I can't get him to be quiet!

Here's a conversation I had with Little Lewie just this week; I had to write it down because it almost had me rolling over in laughter.

Lewie:  "The sun is coming up Mommy.  I so happy."

Me:  "I'm glad.  You're going to school today, are you ready?"

Lewie:  "Hmmm...what should I think?  Oh Man!  Mommy the school is closing.  I don't have school today.  We can go to the mall."

Now that Lewie's speaking in full sentences (and sometimes even paragraphs), he's quite vocal about what he likes and doesn't like and at any given point in time, feels it's his prerogative to list his demands:

"I want a BIG ice-cream sandwich."
"I want to go to the mall and ride P2 (word for elevator), Mommy."
"I want to watch my movies," or "I want to watch my shows."
"I want to go to my Lewie's park."
"I need my blankies."
"I want to go to the pool.  Put my "baby soup" (bathing suit) on."

"I don't want to go to school today, Mommy.  No I don't."
"I can't go to school today. I'm sorry.  I have to go to work.  I go to my office."
"I take a bath tomorrow, Mommy.  Not today but maybe tomorrow."
"I don't want to go potty.  Mommy, my pee pee won't come out."  He's probably going to make me take this one down when he's older.

Finally, my boy, every now and then, surprises me.

"No big deal, Mommy.  No big deal."  This is usually when he does something wrong.
"Mommy, the sky is pink."  Looking at the sunset...
"My snowman's all gone, Mommy.  He went away.  I'm so sad."  Comment after the snow melted from our freak October snowstorm.
"I need my tools Mommy.  The TV is broken."
"Check out my new car!" Showing off his tricycle.
"I like Maya.  She's soo cute!"  Should I be worried?

I probably can go on forever about all the cute and funny things he tells me everyday.  At some point, I know we'll begin to have regular conversations, and he'll start to lose his "Lewie-isms," but for now, it's fun to record his favorite quotes. 

Do you have a favorite quote from your son or daughter?


  1. You know, if we could just bottle the hilarity and joy toddlers have about ordinary things, we'd make a fortune! Ha! Love the new Lewie-isms. And I guess he was just taking his time with talking so he could think of hilarious things to say. I think my Lilly is the same. You can see that she's thinking about saying what you say to her, but she's just taking her time. And that's alright. I'll miss her babble when it's gone.

  2. Oh, Lewie sounds like such a cutie! I love the no big deal - toddlers are always trying to convince us that what they are up to should really not be causing any alarm :)

  3. Aw! These are awesome. It's great that you are writing these all down. Especially the pee pee one - haha! I love that he's too busy going to work to go to school :)

  4. Oh, yeah, I think my boy says Mama all the time just to hear himself. I will say Yes? And then silence. A moment later, Mama? He's just trying to think of things to talk about. It is constant!

  5. I love that he thinks Maya is so cute. And yes you should be worried!


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