Potty Humor


I've needed to write this post for a long time.  You see, something happened to my innocent, angel-faced boy over the last year or so...  As his vocabulary increased, so did his interest in...well...potty humor.  I can't even say where it came from...  Yes, my husband enjoys a good belch here and there after eating.   He can also be a little bit gassy--he's known for letting a loud one rip and then blaming it on me or the little guy.

Still, even with my husband's occasional blip in manners 101, he doesn't crack "poopy" jokes all day long.  My son, however, is a different story.  Here are some of his many weekly, if not daily, antics:

"Urp (pretend belch)--I burp Mommy, I burp."

"I fart Mommy.  I farting."

"I want poopy for dinner.  I want poopy."

Poopy tends to be a favorite in his vocabulary, and when he gets silly (which is almost always), all his responses to my questions will be, yup, you guessed it, poopy.

Me:  "Do you want yogurt for lunch Lewie?"

Lewie:  "I want poopy yogurt."

Me:  "What do you want to watch on TV?"

Lewie:  "Ummm...poopy."

Yes, my little boy is addicted to potty humor, and while part of me says this is probably normal for little boys, another part of me cringes when I start to worry about how much he says these things in school.  Am I going to be reprimanded for it?  Do the teachers think I condone, or worse, actually contribute to this type of language at home?

I recently talked to one of my mom friends about it.  Apparently, one preschool doesn't condone the word "fart" and actually scolded a mom by saying, "we prefer and encourage you to teach your son to say 'toot' instead."  I laughed about it at first, but then it made me wonder.  Should I be enforcing the word "toot" over "fart" in our house?  Should I be asking Little Lewie if he needs to go "number two" instead of if he needs to go "poopy on the potty"?

For now I haven't been reprimanded, but I'm on high alert.  In the meantime, I have a little stand-up comedian on my hands that will say almost anything to get a rise out of people.  Unless his little personality drastically changes, I suspect potty humor will be a topic of interest for a long while.

Okay, so maybe I can even enjoy a "fart" joke, I mean "toot" joke, every now and then.

Do you have any potty humor stories to share about your boys or husbands?


  1. All of my boys are poo and fart obsessed. They bond over fart jokes. I think it is a right of passage. I note that they know their manners when they 'need' to, so that is at least something. "Toot" is a new one for me. lol x

  2. Poopy has a great ring to it! Just reading it in this post makes me chuckle. Our little ones pick up some new language like poopy talk at school. I hope you are doing well! This weather is beautiful and I just took a long walk on the beach with our dog. It was so refreshing! have a great day my friend!

    Mama Hen

  3. LOL, so true! I think the word BOYS=GROSS LANGUAGE/BEHAVIORS...right? Ha! So funny! And imagine, I've got an extra boy thrown in the mix and am totally outnumbered...I think I need a baby girl! Ha!

  4. Haha, that is hilarious! I actually am a huge fan of potty humor and have noticed that Nate is as well. Like Lewie, his go-to move when he wants to be funny is to insert "poop," "peepee" or "gassy." I thought that it was perhaps my fault (and was also wondering what he might say to other people!) - not that I go around yelling "POOP" or anything. But I've talked to other moms of little boys who assure me that the same thing is going on in their homes. So we are not alone! I personally prefer Nate say "gas" over "fart" because fart just sounds kind of harsh to me. But I cannot believe a preschool is reprimanding moms like that. That is insane! Give me a break!

  5. Good times! KLV loves the word poopy and says it loud just to bother me. Ahhhh the joy of toddlerhood.

  6. Just stopped by to say hi and wish you a great week! I have a potty humor for you. Yesterday my daughter and I watched a movie and the mother said to the son that he had to finish his duties. My daughter said, "what did she say mommy? Doody?" I tried explaining that one and thought that the English language sure has a few good ones! :) Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  7. This made me laugh :) John hasn't gotten into much potty humor, but does find it hilarious to tell me where he might poop. These places don't happen to be the toilet or a diaper... and so it begins

  8. Fortunately, Lilly isn't quite old enough for poop jokes, but I can only imagine. We may or may not congratulate her on her excellent farts and burps. It was all my husband. I got dragged into it. So when she gets a little older I can foresee her burping, and then rating it on a scale of 1-10. Er....Maybe we'll have to work on that. Ha! Kids are awesome.


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