I won't lie.  TV has had a big influence in our house this winter.  At times when Little Lewie's home with a cold, I have to squeeze in a shower, chores have to be done, or I'm making supper, TV has become our ultimate babysitter.  I'd like to say that I plop Lewie down with a craft or a coloring book, but I find that neither holds his attention for too long...

With that said, the results have been bitter sweet.  There are times when I'm proud that he's actually learned something important from watching his shows.  For example, one of his movies taught him that blue and yellow make green or red and yellow make orange.  To me, that's simply amazing since I don't think I learned anything about mixing colors until I was in high school!  (Yup. I definitely didn't have the sophisticated education that kids have now-a-days.)

However, then there are the days when I cringe at what he picks up from his cartoons.  For example, he loves to watch Wow Wow Wubbzy, and as a result, loves quoting from the show.  I frequently catch him yelling Widget's phrase, "Whoops, that wasn't supposed to happen!"  (Cute.)  Although, he's also learned some phrases like, "I win. I win. I win"--a gloating type comment that Wubbzy likes to make when he's beating someone else--or the phrase, "Boring, boring, boring"--a comment Wubby makes when, you guessed it, Wubbzy finds something unexcitable.  Since he uses these phrases at home, I can only imagine what his teachers at school must think when he announces loudly to the entire class that something's, "Boring, boring, boring."

Finally, on nights that I work late, my mother has introduced Lewie to the world of Scooby Doo.  He is such a fan of the show that he's constantly asking to see it, and now lovely words like ghosts, creepers, mummies, and phantoms have become part of his ever-increasing vocabulary.  (Thanks Mom.)  I suppose kids already have an inborn fascination with monsters and ghosts.  After all, many of Little Lewie's friends like to pretend they're monsters themselves.  Still I can't help to wonder if introducing some of this stuff at an early age could have some potential negative side effects, such as developing an unhealthy fascination with the supernatural...

So, in closing, I end this post where I started.  I have mixed feelings about TV, and wonder what other fabulous moms like you have to say about the issue.  
 How much TV does your child watch during the winter?  
Are there cartoons that you ban from the house?
What activities do you use in place of TV?


  1. I wish I had some sage advice, but I am in the same boat. Just like you, I find myself plopping Lilly in front of the TV just to get a few things done around the house. She's not a big fan of playing alone. But she is a huge fan of any shows that involve singing and dancing. Yes, I do have some mommy guilt about it. But I also doubt that watching a limited amount of TV will hurt her. And I dunno, friend. Your son engages with others, is speaking well and doing everything he's supposed to. Seems like he's doing great, with or without the TV. I think you've found good middle ground, but if your conscience says otherwise, perhaps it's time for a change. :)

  2. I have been feeling the exact same way. We no longer have cable, we watch shows online OR when at my sisters. I don't let him watch much, mainly Caillou. When he watches Mickey he gets a bit of an attitude like Donald (crazy, right?). Now that he watches Caillou he keeps acting like Rosie at times which drives me NUTS. Unfortunately we're in the same place as you, coloring books, crafts, etc. don't keep him entertained for long. Yesterday he wanted to watch Toy Story 3 and I told him no. He came up to me not 10 minutes later with an elaborate drawing (think cartoon with the different squares/scenes) of him yelling at me to get his way. I was laughing so hard by the time he finished explaining what was happening that I caved and let him watch Toy Story. I am still giggling over his drawing.

  3. Thank God for TV, honestly! It sure is worth it sometimes, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. But, he doesn't watch much TV. We mostly put on movies here and there. Some shows are really good influences. Mine doesn't like Scooby Doo because he thinks it's scary, so since I know he is sensitive to scary stuff, I limit stuff that can be a little dark, even if it is for kids. So, no Scooby Doo here.

  4. Oh the TV can be a friend when things need to get done and children need to wind down a bit, but I do not like the idea of too much TV. There are so many great shows now that can teach so much. I try to make sure my daughter sees something more educational most of the time. I hope all is well my friend! Enjoy thsi gorgeous weather!

    Mama Hen

  5. My kids love Scooby Doo, too. It used to be my favorite! My kids don't watch a lot of TV, but definitely watch more in the winter, when we're stuck indoors.

  6. I had been wondering where my son picked up the sentiment that something could be boring. When challenged to do something - anything - instead of choosing TV, he's been saying, "But that's so boring." Not a phrase we use. Watching Wow Wow Wubbzy with him this morning, I realized that's where he learned it. Thanks, Wubbzy, for that - and for giving my son the idea that chores - even fun ones like lawn mowing! - are boring. Urgh!


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