Is it Summer Yet?


For a full month, my little boy has been asking me if it's summer.  "Is it summer, Mommy?  Mommy, is it summer?  Can I go pool?"  For a three year-old, he has an excellent recollection of last summer.  He knows exactly where his little pool is stored in the garage, and he's always asking about going to the beach.  Even though he doesn't officially know all of his seasons, he's definitely a summer baby.  (Heck, he really is...his birthday is in August.)

For the past month, I've been telling him it's spring.  It's time for grass and green leaves and flowers and rain to make everything grow.  Still, he's not convinced.  The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and to him, it's summer.  It's time to break out the pool.  And you know what?  This Memorial Day weekend has certainly felt like summer.  On Saturday night we took a stroll by the beach, and yesterday we had an opportunity to enjoy a good old fashioned picnic with our friends and their children.  So, for the sake of my little boy, it is summer.  Why not?  Sure it's not official until June 21st, but in the meantime, let's take out those shorts for good and get the pool ready!  After a wonderful weekend spent outdoors, I'm ready to embrace the season now too.

Lewie and Daddy at West Haven Beach.

My turn with Little Lewie.

A little tricycle riding on the pier.

Enjoying the beach.  The cold water was no deterrent for my little boy.

Hanging out at the slip -n- slide.

My good friend Debbie with her little girl.  They definitely had the Memorial Day spirit!

Time to roast marshmallows. 

They love smores just as much as I do!

Getting dressed.  I caught you!

My friend Jen from elementary school.  (We all had baby fever after the day was over.)

A New Preschool...


Today my little boy will begin a new preschool for the summer. He had a little "end of the year" ceremony on Friday at the community college preschool that only stays open during the traditional fall and spring semester.

We did this shuffle last year. He went to a preschool called Teddy Bear Tree House, and although I liked the school and the teachers very much, it took Lewie nearly two months to get used to it. Then when he finally felt comfortable (a.k.a. he didn't cry anymore when I dropped him off), it was time for him to go back to the old school. Ugh!

This year my goal was to have him go back to Teddy Bear Tree House, but there was a wait list to get back in. Even though I called in February to reserve a spot for him, I was too late. I thought my luck had run out until I found a cute little place called Little Explorers that's only 12 minutes from my home. I immediately liked the preschool owner and Little Lewie's teacher, and his classroom was adorable. "Let me show you the animals," said Jackie, the owner.

"You have animals?" I asked.

"Yes, we have class pets! We have a pet guinea pig and a lizard." (I think there might have been another animal too.) "Whenever the little ones are having a bad day or feeling blue, we immediately bring them to the pet corner. It's amazing how much animals can make them feel better. It's so therapeutic."

I never thought about it before, but she was right. We don't have any pets at home (yet), but I knew Lewie enjoys seeing the cats and dogs over at my in-law's house every time he visits.

She showed me a black and white photography project the kids had been working on. Then on another visit, they showed me a quilt project they started. "We cook all the time here," the teacher told me. "Kids just love baking."

Little Lewie hasn't seen this new preschool in over a month, but he's been talking about the new school for a while. "He keeps saying his new school has a gate," his old teacher Miss Laura told me last week. "Does it have a gate?"

"I think it does," I answered. I knew there was a gate around the play area outside. Was there a gate in the room too? I couldn't remember, but since my little boy loves elevators and doors of all shapes and sizes, it didn't surprise me that the thing that impressed him the most was a gate. I hope he grows to love other things too.

So, today is a new least for a little while until September arrives.  Last year my little guy didn't have an easy transition, but I hope today will be easier for him...

I know you're gonna do great Little Lewie. Just be yourself, and remember that your mama is very proud!