A Dance Recital, a Baptism, and an Anniversary


Where do I begin?  Last week I lost my Internet service, and it took over a week to get my computer back up and running.  Then, this weekend, we were off to the races.  On Saturday, Lewie had a chance to see his cousin Sarah at her dance recital.  During every dance he kept asking, "Where's Sarah?  Where's Sarah?"  I guess he expected her to be the star of every performance.  I have to admit that for only being five years old, she sure did dance well.  I'm sure it wasn't by accident that she happened to be placed in the front row and center.

On Sunday, we were invited to a baptism.  We "googled" the church ahead of time, and I showed Lewie what it looked like.  Then he helped me use Mapquest to figure out its location.  He was so excited to help us with directions as we drove, and indeed he must have been paying very close attention because he spotted the church from quite a distance (even before us).  "Mommy, there's the church!  There's the church!" he announced happily.   Once we entered, Lewie acted as if we struck gold.  Since it's an old building (probably from the early 1700's), each of the pews had its own little door.  He couldn't get enough of watching the little door open and close again and again, which of course, is an action we had to stop while the mass was being said.

Finally, yesterday marked our six year wedding anniversary.  Although I'm ashamed to admit it, both my husband and me have been so busy with work lately that we almost forgot about it.  Thankfully, my mother didn't, and she not only gave us money to go out and eat but also volunteered  to watch Lewie for us, so we could have a nice, romantic dinner alone.  The date did wonders for our relationship and sense of well being.  What a wonderful surprise!

Yes, these past few days have been a whirlwind, but I don't want to forget them.  Spending a few days with close friends and family is and always will be "priceless."  

Our little dancer in the family, Sarah.

Sarah and her biggest fan, Little counsin Lewie.  He was so proud of her!


  1. What a great picture of the cousins! Happy anniversary, your night sounds great!

  2. awe, love the picture of the 2 cousins! precious! oh SO happy you were able to enjoy and celebrate your anniversary! what a nice, fun surprise!

  3. Lewie helping you find that church is adorable! What a clever idea :) And so glad to hear that you had a nice date - just a couple of hours alone together really does make such a big difference!

  4. Cousins are the BEST! And Happy Anniversary...we're coming up on our 7th in September and I need to figure out something to do! We never go out, so I'm thinking it's time :)

  5. You have been busy my friend! Cute picture! It was beautiful today! I hope you had a great day!

    Mama Hen

  6. Thanks for stopping by and for all the honest comments. I just love your honesty! Can't wait to hear all the exciting things happening to you in the near near future.
    Hopefully soon we will be able to share our successfull books with each other.
    Cheers to writing.


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