Happy 4th Birthday Lewie!


Little Lewie's birthday this year brought tons of laughter.  We hired a child comedian/entertainer named Mr. Bungles to come and entertain all of Lewie's friends, and boy did he entertain!  During the first part of his performance, he did a magic act, juggling, and balloon animals. While all the kids (and parents) sat on the lawn, he proceeded to do his comedic performance.  What made it funny is that poor Mr. Bungles could never seem to do anything right.  He told the kids he had a magic hat, and if he tossed it in the air, it always, always, always would land right on his head.  Of course, it didn't...not even close, and the kids, including my 4 year-old Little Lewie, thought it was hillarious.  He juggled, but had a difficult time catching the balls.  He had a large magic wand that shot out cloth snakes.  He had a hat that produced rubber chickens instead of rabbits.  I watched my little boy (and took pictures of him) throughout the entire performance, and I couldn't believe how hard he was laughing--a few times he was holding his belly from laughing so much!

During the second part of the party, Mr. Bungles brought everyone over to a kiddie pool that contained a special bubble solution.  Anyone that volunteered to stand in the pool would be able to have a life size bubble surround them.  Lewie wasn't interested in volunteering for this, but many of his little friends tried it.  Heck, I even tried it too.  Why not?  Adults can have fun at kids' parties too!

Overall, I was thrilled with how the party turned out.  I can't say the planning was easy--last minute, we changed the date from a Saturday to a Sunday because of the threat of severe winds and thunderstorms.  About four families couldn't come when I made the change.  Still, we were lucky that Mr. Bungles could make the switch and that most of our guests could still come too. 

By far, the best part of the day was watching Little Lewie laugh with all of his friends.  In fact, he seemed to be the one laughing the most, which was proof to me that "I done good."  Very rarely do I give myself a pat on the back for parenting.  Usually I'm hyper critical of my actions, wondering if I'm being too lax and not discipling or teaching enough.  Today, instead, I was on cloud nine.  For once, I felt like all my research and planning had paid off, and I got to bask in feeling like I was a great mom after all...

Mr. Bungles and his little audience


More Laughter...

More Laughter...

Even More Laughter (okay, okay...I have tons more laughing pictures, but I'll stop)

But not yet...laughter w/ balloons

Balloon concentration at its finest.

The human bubble...

The kid in a bubble...

Me in a bubble...

We had a Scooby Doo theme for Lewie's cake and treat bags...

Make a wish!!

"Can we have cake, Mommy?"

Chillin' w/ cousin Sarah after the party!


  1. that looks like a fabulous party for lewie! And you absolutely can pat yourself on the back for it since the kids had so much fun! I love that feeling of knowing you did right for your child and they love it! :) Good job mommy - nice party! :) Happy birthday little Lewie! :)

  2. Looks like such a great time! He's gotten so big and mature looking.
    How's your business going?!?

  3. Oh my goodness, that looks like so much fun! Definitely a good birthday party :)


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